Spider Domain, Variant (3.5e Cleric Domain)

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Spider Domain[edit]

Granted Powers[edit]

If you are Drow, you gain a +8 on Handle Animal checks when dealing with spiders. If you are not Drow then you count as Drow for the purposes of feat and prestige class prerequisites (other than the Drow Paragon Class).

Spider Domain Spells[edit]

Please note: Only one domain choice can be chosen per level even if more than one option is available.

  1. Summon Spider I
  2. Summon Spider II, Summon Swarm (spiders only), Web, or Spider Climb
  3. Summon Spider III
  4. Summon Spider VI, Giant Vermin (spiders only), Poison, Polymorph (spider-shape only)
  5. Summon Spider V or Plague of Spiders[1]
  6. Summon Spider VI
  7. Summon Spider VII, Shape of Spiders[2], Creeping Doom (spiders only)
  8. Summon Spider VIII
  9. Summon Spider IX
  1. Plague of Spiders: As Insect Plague, but summons Spider Swarms instead.
  2. Shape of Spiders: As Animal Shapes, but allows transformation into monstrous spider form only.

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