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Spice Kit
Weight 15lb MW 7lb
Bonus +1 Cooking MW Same
Cost 750gp MW 800gp

The Spice Kit is full of all the spices one would need to flavor up any meal. (Spices found in Arms and Equipment Guide) The Kit is a 12"x12"x6" hinged box that has 3 vertical rows of 11 vials with 2 horizontal rows of 3 in between for a total of 39 vials set into the lid. In the base there are 8 2.5"x5" flasks.

Using a Spice Kit provides a +1 bonus to a cooking check for making a good meal.

Unless altered the Spice Kit contains the following spices and refill prices per ounce.

Flask: 16 Ounces
Spice gp/oz Spice gp/oz
Chives 5cp Mint 3cp
Cinnamon 1gp Mustard Seed 5cp
Garlic 1cp Pepper 30gp
Horseradish 1cp Salt 1cp
Vial: 1 Ounce
Spice gp/oz Spice gp/oz Spice gp/oz
Angelica 5cp Dillweed 3cp Nutmeg 30gp
Anise 3cp Fennel Seed 1sp Oregano 2sp
Basil 1sp Fenugreek 3sp Parsley 4cp
Bergamot 3cp Ginger 10gp Poppy Seed 8gp
Borage 2cp Horehound 4cp Rose Hips 5gp
Caraway 2cp Hyssop 5cp Rosemary 5sp
Cardamon 1gp Juniper 3sp Saffron 65gp
Clary 8cp Laurel 4gp Sage 1sp
Cloves 20gp Leamon Balm 2sp Salt 1cp
Coriander 1sp Liquorice 4sp Sweet Cicely 1sp
Costmary 3cp Love Age 1sp Tarragon 1gp
Cubeb 15gp Mace 25gp Turmeric 25gp
Cuimin 3cp Marjoram 5cp Woodruff 1sp

Each spice is used separately at the users choice. One use is equal to one dash. There are 48 dashes per ounce.

Purchasing a Master Work Spice kit lowers the weight to 7lb by using specially designed light weight metal instead of glass to form the Vials and Flasks.

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