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The Sphere of Wonder is a major artifact that is currently being developed by Namfoodle in the world of Faerun. It is a small black globe approximately 6 inches in diameter and weighing 1/2 of a pound, with a faint chaotic movement of colors across its surface. A person without a detect magic spell active can see a visible "distortion" of space around the sphere, while a person with detect magic cast can actually see the magical lattice of the world being twisted in a large area around the sphere, and completely destroyed at the sphere's origin.

Namfoodle has claimed that he is about half-way done with the artifact, although no one can really be sure of the truth of that statement. It is presumed that he is not yet powerful enough to complete it as of yet, and still needs to have contact with the Staff of Mystra to finish the Sphere. When done, it will have the following properties;


The Sphere of Wonder functions as an analog of each of the pieces of the Staff of Mystra, except the Sphere gives the user incredible power in the area of Wild Magic. Any Wild Mage with possession of the Sphere gains the following abilities and bonuses;

  • User's caster level is effectively 10 higher for all Wild Magic spells, effecting wild surge checks, and other spell properties dependent on caster level (this ability does not affect spell resistance checks);
  • All Wild Magic spells' DC's are increased by 10.
  • User emits a wild zone, with a 100 ft radius, centered at the user (this wild zone does not effect the user);
  • User can cast Nahal's Reckless Dweomer at 3 times per day as a standard action, and may choose up to 5 possible outcomes and may use it to cast a known spell of any level;
  • The Sphere functions as a Rod of Wonder except all DCs are 33 instead of 15.
  • Once per year, the Sphere can create a permanent wild zone as per spell. The process of creating the wild zone takes 1 day of continuous uninterrupted concentration in the specified area. Any interruption causes the effect to fail. This wild zone is a permenant distortion (or destruction) of the Weave and cannot be dispelled by any means aside of divine intervention.

The Sphere of Wonder has no effect if the user is not a Wild Mage, except emitting a 100 ft radius wild zone, which in this case includes the user, rendering his magic completely wild (if the user is a spellcaster). The user must hold the Sphere in one or both hands to have the abilities of the sphere, which makes casting spells considerably more difficult and time consuming while using it, adding a +10 to your initiative. Possession of the Sphere of Wonder immediately draws the direct attention of Mystra to the user, as well as her powerful followers, and the possessor must deal with any possible side effects of this attention.

Aura: Strong (all schools); Wild Mage CL 20th; Craft Wondrous Item, Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, Wild Zone; Special; Creator must have previously created a Rod of Wonder. Must study the Staff of Mystra for 6d6 uninterrupted weeks (10 hour days), and must study another Sphere of Wonder for an equal amount of time, or receive guidance from Namfoodle, the sole conceiver of the Sphere.

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