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Some arcane tricksers use magic not for tricking and playing around with their victims, but to directly improve their lethality with magic - or magic with lethality, depending on the perspective.

When gaining Arcane Trickster subclass, you can use the following abilities, modifying and replacing some of the existing ones:


3rd level Spellspike feature, modifies Spellcasting

You do not learn the mage hand cantrip, therefore reducing the amount of cantrips known from that feature by 1.

Additionally, any time you learn a wizard spell of enchantment or illusion schools from that feature, you can instead learn a wizard spell that performs spell attacks.

Sneak Arcane[edit]

3rd level Spellspike feature, replaces Mage Hand Legerdemain

You can use your Sneak Attack ability with spell attacks as well as finesse or ranged weapons. The damage type of that Sneak Attack is the same as one of the damage types the attack deals, if any. Other conditions should be met as usual.

Weave Thicket[edit]

13th level Spellspike feature, replaces Versatile Trickster

You don't need to have advantage on your attacks to use Sneak Attack, if the target of the attack is under effect of your spell.

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