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Spectral Drill-Lance: Cast over a melee or ranged weapon, this enchantment appears as a blue white sheath around the weapon; a transparent veil covered in curving slashes that shift and flow across the surface. A standard action readies the Lance, changing its color from blue to a deep, twinkling emerald which deepens further to black edged in starlight as you raise the weapon high. A minor action pulls in even more power, curling a mantle of heaven's blue around the planes of shadow. Then you lunge, and all the hells come roaring forth in response to your bellowed clarion call. A man sized lance edged in scythe-like rings erupts from the end of your weapon, grinding through armor and flesh with terrible ease; lightning flashing out as it rotates faster than the keenest eye can register. It burns itself out rather quickly, but then all great spectacles do. Such is the nature of things too beautiful for this world.

This enchantment ability can be used once per day, but gives a permanent +2 modifier to the weapon, +1 for every 10 caster levels.

  • Half charged (standard action only)

+16 vs reflex

1d10+1d4+1/2 dex modifier+15 damage

  • Full charged (standard and minor action)

+19 vs reflex

2d10+1d6+2d4+dex modifier+20 damage. Target is knocked unconscious. On miss, half damage, target is knocked prone.

Faint Abjuration;CL 30; Spectral Ram,; Weight: 0 lb.; Market Price: 150 gp

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