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Sparkle is armed with a hand axe, which is a traditional weapon for female Trynnies.

CR 3

Female Trynnie
CG small humanoid
Init/Senses +1/+4; Listen +6, Spot +2
AC 12, touch 13, flat-footed 13
hp 19 (4 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +6/+2/+3
Speed 14ft
Base Atk/Grp +2/+0
Abilities Str 8, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 14

A Trynnie scout sent by the chief to find help when a hostile invasion threatened the most holy part of Trynton, this female has been hired to provide recon services by a powerful military in exchange for the possibility of help for her people.

She has mated many males and borne offspring from them, including one she thinks is from Madras, but she cannot be sure.

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