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south park[edit]

A quiet little mountain town at first glance, it has seen a massive wave of various styles of larping by various bored kids looking for excitement and adventure. Strange stuff always happens here be it a kid who always dies and ressurects the next morning, satanic animals, the devil, jesus and santa fighting it out and more, this quiet little mountain town is practically bursting with potential for adventure


heaven: the place where all good (mormon) souls go to, it's filled with many different delights for the good souls to enjoy. It does let in non mormon souls in but only for great and notable deals of goodness and virtusity. It's mainly off limits to still living individuals visit heaven proper barring ressurection magic but there is a area for still living souls to visit known as the pearly gates, a set of golden shining gates along with a set of angels to prevent someone from breaking in

hell: the place where all evil or corrupt souls go to, it's filled with fire and brimstone with a long drop down from the gates of heaven to it. It's ruler is satan, the prince of darkness and ruler of the damned. He holds court with numerous other arch devils who try to pass the endless amount of free time they have by tormenting the souls they have trapped here. Like heaven, it has a waiting area for living souls called Avernus's pit, a large charred and blackened stone pit

imaginationland: the place where all imagination comes from in the world, it houses many different fictional characters all living together and people can bring their own thoughts to life inside it. It's route is a big circuit so a person inside of it can eventually circle back to it's main starting point given enough time and effort spent walking

outer space: the place where the outer gods like chthullu and shub niggurath dwell, it's also home to numerous ufo's that do nightly abductions of the people of the town for various experiments. Getting up there by being captured by the ufo is the best way to get up there, but getting down safely in a hard to control big flying space ship is the real trick


Religious entities in south park include Satan (lawful evil greater deity) who's perview include conquering the world, slaying god and gaining power, Jesus, (neutral good greater deity) who's perview include bringing peace on earth, spreading good and justice and Chthullu, chaotic evil greater deity focused on seas, drowning the world and spreading madness. Other notable servants include the forest critters, a group of fiendish sentient animals with a taste for human flesh and converting others to do their bidding. The forest critters mainly worship satan, seeing him as their one true lord. The cleric domains of each entity are law, evil, baator and fire for satan, good, city, healing and heaven for jesus and chaos, evil, water and madness for chthullu.


Known by many names by the kids who dwell in it, to the humans and elves, the lands are known as Zaaron, to the nerds and geeks, it is called sector g56, to the pirates it is known as port snowy, to the girls it is known as sweetieburg and to the super heroes it is known as herocape. Notable locations that each of the factions fight over for dominance include Stark's pond, a small and placid little lake, the playground, a small set of swings and slides, the sewers, home to many different dangers to crab people, nazi zombies, underpants gnomes and giant rats, the shipping center, where various storage chests are held and the lost woods, a confusing mess of a forest that is said to lead to the mystical lands of the north canada and it's associated land, christmas town. 

The main factions are centered around their bases in the town with the human kingdom of kupa keep being in the backyard of a house with a small fort a pool of vision and a rock of insanity. The elven kingdom of Larion is a massive tent based encampment in someone's backyard with it's own tree fort. The nerds base is in the local gaming store where they frequently meet and exchange notes. The girl's base is hidden but is rumored to be hidden in the girl's bathroom in the playground. The pirates have based themselves in several areas but their most notable base is in the sewers near the cave system of south park. The hero faction's base is based in the basement of token's mansion in dark meadows.


Fought over by many different factions of kids in the town, all playing many different styles of pretend and viewing each other faction as an enemy not to be trusted, all sorts of crazy events have happened from the more mundane such as swirlies, wet willies and wedgies to more dangerous threats like alien abductions, government conspiracies, hellish incursions and more

To the kingdom of kupa keep, the elves invaded the kingdom and were foiled repeatedly by the grand wizard until the nerds descended onto the kingdom with an alliance with the elves, which the kingdom of kupa keep or kkk fought back with an alliance between the super heroes and the pirates, causing the elves to fight back with an alliance with the girls. After the infamous battle of south park elementary, the alliances fractured and several different wars broke out between the group

For the elves, they claim the humans of kupa keep cheated by hiding the stick in the school and formed an alliance with the nerds to scour the scool to find it. When the humans convinced the pirate maple beard to betray the elves and gained extra help with the super heroes, allying themselves with the girls and declaring war on the humans in the battle of south park elementary. The nerds abandonded their cause because they got bored and the girls fled when they heard rumors of a cooties out break spread by the humans as lies and slander.

For the nerds, they were ignored and forgotten by the other factions until the elves asked for their help, which they gratefully accepted. They eventually realized the elves were just using their data gathering and hacking skills and split off and then the other factions declared war on them, forcing them to defend themselves

The pirates contend they were close allies with the elves due to maple beard being related to the leader of the elves by blood, but after weeks of being ignored he joined with the humans when they provided friendship and grog. He worked with them to punish the elves and helped convince the heroes to ally themselves with the kingdom of kupa keep but split off from the humans and their alliance once it became clear the humans were keeping most of the loot for themselves

For the super heroees, they didn't care which side they fought for, so long as they got their allowance and were not getting into trouble. Kupa keep offered a substantial set of bounties on members of the elves and nerds causing them to work with them on a frequent basis until they all got in trouble for staying out too late in the battle south park elementary.

The girls only contest they allied with the elves due to the elves going out of their way to help them out with several problems in their faction such as the rise of spies from the goths and vampire kids. After the break up, they just want to live peacefully but the other factions keep bothering them in various ways.

Currently, rumors of a group of new kids from various areas moving into south park abound, due to the presence of several new houses and a brand new shopping center having been built. Other rumors include UFO's been sighted late at night in the sky, chants of howdy ho from the sewers and underpants mysteriously going missing.

For DMs[edit]

Pretty much anything goes in this wild and zany campaign setting, fan made classes, made up enemies and everything else. South park is nothing if not versatile and extremely memorable and memeable


Anything goes. that's the rule you should keep in mind when running this campaign setting. want to have the kids face an eldritch horror one day, then face a few local bullies from school? go right ahead. want to go completely out there and have the kids face aliens and a massive pile of sentient puke? feel free. this is south park where anything can happen in this quiet little mountain town

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