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Soulrender acid appears as a light purple solution that is slightly translucent and is normally stored in flasks designed to bust only on impact with the metaphysical.

This special form of acid affects only the ethereal. One flask of this acid deals 3d10 damage to any ethereal object or creature and ignores hardness, and deals 3 points of damage to any adjacent ethereal creature. You can throw soulrender acid as a splash weapon (a ranged ethereal touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet), in which case it deals full damage to any ethereal object it impacts. If it does not make contact with an ethereal object, it will still break when it hits the ground, dealing 3 points of damage to ethereal creatures within 5 feet. If soul render acid is left exposed in air it will loose potency in 4d6 turns after this period it reduces by 1d10/1; this process repeats till the substance hits 0d10. At this point it looses all of the acidic properties. A successful DC15 Craft (Alchemy) check may be used to determine that the substance is Soulrender Acid.

Soulrender Acid was originally concocted by a disgruntled mage with a knack for alchemy whom got irritated with some local ghost dogs. It quickly dispatched the pesky dogs along with his spirit teacher.

Cost: 200gp/vial

Craft (Alchemy) DC: 30

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