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Agents of death and life, for everything in the multiverse there is a point of destruction where it has decayed to the point of no return and is gone forever. These devices show the exact time that their linked creature, god, or entity has left to live in the form of immense hourglasses. The hourglass' size is dependent on how long the creature lives, including whether their lives are ended by murder, old age, disease, poison e.t.c.... everything has a Soul Timer, even the multiverse itself has a Soul Timer, though it is immense to the point of an unfathomably large size. The Soul Timers are of unknown origin.


It is said that each and every thing lives in its own pool of perception, these artifacts affect each individual's pool, excluding all that are not tied to that individual artifact so the person and their perceptory universe's time traits are affected but not anyone else's. The destruction of these artifacts erases the thing it's tied to from existence. If you turn one upside down they relive their lives backwards until their Soul Timer is put right side up again. Shaking it causes the person to relive random parts of their life until the Soul Timer is stabilized. All spells in the Time Warp domain are easily accessed by this artifact at anytime.


From the most powerful god to the weakest creature, all share the same appearance, if not the same size. They all appear as ruby red hourglasses with varying sizes, degrees of elegance and different color sand.

Activation and Use[edit]

The use of these items requires a standard action to activate and you have to be holding it. The range of these artifacts is 100ft and can target 3 things at a time. The saving throw to resist any of its effects is a fortitude saving throw at DC 40, on a successful saving throw the target resists the effect cast upon them, on a failed saving throw the effect is successful. You do not need to be a caster to cast the spells affiliated with one of these artifacts.

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