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Soul Blade/Sword
Range Increment:
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * *
Diminutive * *
Tiny * *
Small nocost
Medium nocost
Large {{{lcost}}}
Huge * *
Gargantuan * *
Colossal * *
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

This Item is a very versatile item at the whim of the DM. Soul sword/blade is a weapon that takes away from the player at the same time as giving the player a powerful weapon that grows in power over time. This weapon requires the character to be a character type with some magic background. The soul sword/blade can take from the player in 3 different ways

1. Take away a certain amount of spells per day from the player that they cannot gain back (suggested power growth speed: medium)

2. Take away half of their spells per day that they cannot gain back (suggested power growth speed: fast)

3. Take away all spells per day that they cannot gain back (suggested power growth speed: very fast)

4. Take away nothing (suggested power growth speed: very slow)

The blade then has 4 different forms it can go into, slowly the player will gain the forms at the DM’s whim.

-Sealed state: This is just the blade

-Release form: this form is where the DM gets to be creative, the sword change shape and have special ability’s, also the sealed form gets a 2x multiplier from here out. As a plus the user may now fly at up to 10 feet per round.

-Transcend form: The sword may now again change form and ability again, also now the sealed state get a 3x and the released from get 2x

-Let loose: The blade releases power beyond its normal capacity reaching new heights, being able to change again, unlike normal forms this one has a DM set limit and the player will temporarily faint afterwards, that is until they reach master this form set. After mastering this form the player may enter it without worrying about fainting but will simply revert to transcended form till after a set time. This form does not give multipliers till after it is mastered. Then it gives sealed 4x released 3x and transcend 2x. This form can continue to grow over time with no end, but that is up to the DM. So that’s the basics of it, it’s very flexible, thanks for checking out my idea.

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