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Soul Gem Details[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

This gemstone looks like a small ruby with a shard of blue crystal in the center.


  • Max Charges: 50
  • This Gem allows the owner to cast spells as a wizard of equal level to the owners ECL, but with no limits to which spells they can cast or how many per day. Each spell uses up a number of charges equal to its spell level (0-level spells use 1 charge).
  • Once all 50 charges are spent, the owner dies, their body becoming ash and their souls becoming trapped within the gem, adding a facet and completly restoring the charges.
  • Anyone who claims this item cannot get rid of it until he/she either dies, or the gem is destroyed (see below). It will reappear on or near the owner within an hour of losing it.

Character Interaction[edit]

  • DC 50 Bardic Knowledge, Knowledge (History), or Knowledge (Arcana): Because this gem gains a new facet with each passing owner, it has rarely been accurately traced, and barely heard of, and all the information that can be gathered are simply myths and legends of a crystal that gives its owner unlimited arcane power.
  • DC 15 Appraise: Reveals gem as being worth 5,000 gp by itself.
  • Identify: Identifies as a gem of spell storing, with spells already stored within it. (roll randomly to determine which spell the caster sees)
  • Detect Alignment: The gem swirls with mixed alignments, showing one at random using the souls to disguise its evil nature.
  • Telepathy Powers: Manifester hears many tortured voices screaming, blocking out all telepathic communications within 20 ft of the gem.
  • Item Familiar/Psicrystal: 1d4 souls escape into the character attempting to make the gem a familiar or psicrystal and all fight for control over the body, giving the character multiple personality disorder, this condition is not curable by anything less than a Wish spell. The gem does not become a familiar or psicrystal and loses an equivalent number of facets equal to the number of souls lost.


One hundred years previous, an evil wizard began to study and experiment with lich phylacteries, trying to find a way to make souls into an unlimited power source for tapping arcane energy. For assistance, he made a pact with Vecna, finding the deities eye and hand, sacrificing both his own for the full power needed. Once he had the hand and eye he began his search for 3 souls, one of pure malice, one of pure heart, and one of pure neutrality. These individuals gathered, he waited for the planetary alignment and brought the three to a forgotten place of power, here, with a unique ruby, he started the ritual, trapping a shard of para-elemental ice within the center of the gem along with the souls of the three, at this point Vecna added the last bits of needed power, and much to the wizard's dismay, one of the final components was his own soul, and as the crystal took the shape of a Tetrahedron the sound of the deities cackle could be heard as the gem, the eye, and the hand both vanished to random points in the world.


  • If the Soul Gem ever has less than 4 facets/souls (depleted through attempting to make it a psicrystal or item familiar) then it explodes, dealing (10d10)x10 damage in a 50 ft radius, no save. The gem, however is not destroyed fully, it simply reappears in another part of the world as a tetrahedron, the original 4 souls still in tact.

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