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Sosfronii Pantheon[edit]

The Sosfronii Pantheon began with two Overdeities known as the Great Dragons. Sotrahdov the Great Light Dragon, who encompassed all neutrality and goodness, and Vedrahdov the Great Dark Dragon, who encompassed all neutrality and wickedness, were beloved by the ancient Sosfronii people. For millennia, the the Great Dragons kept Sosfron in perfect balance. However, balance was shifted when Veistulsosjunsedov, a power-hungry young dragon, newly born into his own divinity, challenged Sotrahdov and Vedrahdov for supremacy. The battle was long and ferocious, and spanned several planes. For a time, it seemed that the Great Dragons would be victorious, but Veistulsosjunsedov had come prepared. He used his vast knowledge to conjure a spell of the darkest magic that drastically weakened the two Overdeities. With the battle eventually culminating in Veistulsosjunsedov's victory, managed to escape, though they had expended so much energy, that they were reduced to Greater deities. With Sotrahdov and Vedrahdov out of the way, Veistulsosjunsedov proclaimed himself the true king of all dragons. in an attempt to do their duty and preserve balance, Sotrahdov and Vedrahdov gathered as much power as they could muster and created a new Overdeity that could stand against Veistulsosjunsedov. the process left the Great Dragons as little more than Lesser deities, but sucseeded in its purpose. Strahdimviing, the God of justice, was born from Sotrahdov and Vedrahdov's sacrifice. From th at moment forward, the Sosfronii pantheon was split into two distinctive sides that represent light and darkness. the light is upheld from the Upper Realms by Strahdimviing's Council of the High Heavens, while the Prime Evil's Court rules over the dark Under realms. These obscure convenes of divinity and mostly worshiped on the continent of Sosfron. The Sosfronii people are just as divided, however most revere the Prime Evil's Court.

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