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Society of Appalachia[edit]

Duke Cotton[edit]

Cotton is no longer king. But it is still a duke. Elven Indians destroyed all the great cotton plantations of the South and slavery along with them. Yet the black humans were never really the best at picking cotton. The halflings, being short and tough were always the best. Black humans refuse to ever pick cotton agains, but with the great plantations destroyed, cotton is mainly grown on small farms in valleys here and there in the Appalachians, wither cotton is picked by halflings. Sometimes the halflings are servants, and sometimes the halflings are cotton farm owners. The halflings seem to like it and have discovered a cotton brew called cotton gin, adn so they tend to sneak some of the cotton away that they pick and make cotton gin out of it.

Cotton Gin
A brew made from cotton invented by halfling brewers. Quite strong and tasting of boles.
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