Socialmeld (3.5e Divinemeld)

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Divinemeld of social deities

Prerequisite: Community Domain.

You gain the effect of the status spell. You may be aware of the conditions of just one ally, but you may change it as a move action, under the same conditions of the spell. You and your ally gain a +4 against enchantment and illusion effects.

Essentia: You may add another ally per essentia point you invest in this soulmeld.

Chakra bind (Divine Soul)

You gain the effect of the spell Rary's telepathic bond between you and your alies under the status effect. Everyone in the telepathic bond gains the Slippery Mind feature, as the rogue's special ability, and everyone is aware of any failed attempt (even if resisted by effect of the Slippery Mind ability) to enchant any member of the bond.

As an immediate action you may heal everyone in the telepathic bond of 5 point of damage per essentia point you have invested in this soulmeld. Doing so unshapes the bind.

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