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slotted enhancement: slotted weapon is a weapon or shield enchantment that creates or gives a weapon or shield a slot with which to store wands [for the sake of smaller shields and one handed weapons] or rods [for larger shields or 2 handed weapons] and slotted item has a compartment or mount area in the handle or blade of the weapon that is closed and protected by a small force wall effect unless turned off by the user to swap items stored inside or a sliding hidden door in the handle or center of the blade, this gives the item the magic item is stored in to be a focus for the magic item inside it giving the user the ability to use the magic item through the item they already know how to use as long as they can use the item its being stored in. lets the user use line effect spells or burst spells as target for ranged touch attacks using the ranged attack roll of the user for the weapon if they weapon has ranged capabilities without throwing the weapon, but using the spell this way for line effects causes everyone behind the first target to take 1/2 on failed reflex, and for burst it cuts the burst radius in half, for healing you can use the healing items ability at one half the range on a ranged weapon and melee range for melee weapons. this takes up enchantment bonuses and doesnt count towards enhancement bonuses to attack and damage.can also channel offensive spells as a full attack action for a single attack with a melee weapon. full round action to swap item in slot, costs: +2 enchantment bonus.

Faint abjuration;CL 1; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Market Price: +2 bonus

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