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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A diagonal line with an oil vial on top of it.
Home Plane: The Inclined Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Slides, Oil
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Neutral, True Neutral
Domains: Travel
Favored Weapon: Oil Vial fire bombs. A vial of oil with rope sticking out of the top. Acts as a Molotov cocktail when lit.
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Slippum the Inclined is the god of dangerous slides. Not much is known of Slippum before he ascended to godhood, but most assume he was some maniacal prankster. His appearance is that of a simple man, but he is always seen carrying around oil.


His temples are large, sprawling, undergrounds constructions, comprising of many trips, the most common being various forms of slides, the majority of which have some dangerous trap or another along them or at the bottom. Each of his temples has what appears to be a door as an entrance, but when attempted results in a slide opening up underfoot. His followers generally do not interact with the outside world, except when buying supplies.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The main purpose of Slippum clerics and priests is to construct temples to him. There are paladins, but few in number, and are tasked with protecting the clerics and priests during construction. Upon completion of the temple, his followers pay their respects in form of offerings of oil, and leave. They never stay long in a temple, and move together in large groups.


Slippum is part of the Pantheon of the gods of traps.

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