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Sky Piercer[edit]

Superior Melee Weapons[edit]

Double Weapon

Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Sky Piercer +2 1d10 5/10 50 gp 20 lb. Axe Stout, Heavy Thrown
- Secondary end +2 1d10 Axe Off-hand

A Sky Piercer is a mighty weapon. It consists of a two short halberds fixed together in a cross, with blade heads protruding from each of the four ends.

A Sky Piercer

The sky piercer can be treated as a two-handed weapon.


The secondary end of the sky piercer is treated as an off-hand weapon.

Heavy Thrown

You can hurl the sky piercer from your hands. A ranged basic attack with the sky piercer uses your Strength instead of your Dexterity for the attack rolls and damage rolls.

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