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A Black Shield Surrounded by Blue Lightning

Chaotic Evil
Domains: Storm, Trickery
Warpriest Domain: Storm

Skeles, Bringer of Storms, The Lightning King, The Great Thief. He steals great weapons, armor, and treasures and gives them to his most loyal worshipers. Nobody knows what he looks like because he constantly surrounds himself with swirling water and lightning.

Skeles' commands:

  • fight to the death in his name
  • your loyalty shall be rewarded
  • kill his enemies on sight
  • do not help other gods, only destroy them
  • recruit as many worshipers as possible

Cleric Training[edit]

The cleric training is very difficult, but powers of great measure wait at the end. The clerics train in pairs and work as a team through training exercises. First, the clerics must cross the ocean while wearing plate armor, then they have to stand inside one of Skeles tornadoes of water and lightning, and, the final step in their training, they have to fight each other to the death.


  • Hunt down a powerful enemy of Skeles
  • Bring a living sacrifice to Skeles
  • Help skeles destroy another god


All the prayers made to Skeles have to be repaid by becoming one of his followers

  • People will usually prey to skeles for things they need such as food
  • Sometimes people will pray for Skeles to strike down one of their enemies


The temples to Skeles often range from anywhere big black pyramids to shrines in farmers basements, but Skeles doesn't care how people worship him as long as they at least have a shrine.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Skeles is an enemy to most gods and xarches so he has no real allies other than his followers.

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