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Size Changing Trap Level 1+ Common
A trap used by hunters to catch various sizes of game without needing to buy a new trap for every size.
Level 1 100 gp
Level 6 500 gp

Wondrous Item
♦ You can set this trap as a standard action and it has the below stats. When setting this trap, you can choose for it to be Tiny, Medium, or Large size. Enhancing this trap increases its damage dice as normal. While the trap is armed, it cannot be moved. You have to disarm it to move it.

First image from Boingboing, second image from The Simpsons, third image from Looney Tunes

The trap's smaller form, for catching Tiny critters; its Medium size; and its Large trapper form.

Size Changing Trap
Level 1 Trap
100 XP
Detect: Perception DC 13 (Large); DC 15 (Medium); DC 18 (Tiny); +3 if trap was hidden Initiative: +3
Immune attacks
Immediate Interrupt Actions
Melee.png Attack ♦ Encounter
Attack: +5 + item level vs. Reflex
Trigger: A creature enters the trap's space
Hit: 1d4 + 3 damage and the target is Slowed (Thievery DC 13 ends)
Thievery DC 15 disables trap

Nature DC 10 Re-arms trap

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