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Siphon Power
Necromancy [Atrocity]
Spellcraft DC: 155 (2705 originally)
Components: N/A
Casting time: 1 Full Round Action
Range: 300 ft or Touch
Effect: Single
Duration: Instantaneous; Permanent (See Text)
Saving Throw: Fort
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 24,345,000 gp; 487 days; 973,800 XP. Seed: Afflict (DC 14), Dispel (DC 19), Fortify (DC 23), Transform (DC 21), Slay (DC 25). Factors: Remove Selected Ability from Target (ad hoc +220 DC), Obtain Selected Ability (ad hoc +220 DC), Permanent (x5 DC). Mitigating Factors: Gain 40 temporary negative (or positive for undead) levels (24 hours, Fort DC 50 Negates)(-1000 DC), Expensive Material Component (-1000 DC), Requires the expense of many spell slots (10 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th level spell slots from caster)(-550 DC).

An arc of black lightning haloed by bright green light strikes your target. In the blink of an eye, the energy strikes your opponent, then shoots back to your fingertip. In the instant it takes for this energy to pass in between you and your target, so much happens.

You instantly become aware of all of your opponents special abilities, special qualities, racial traits, class features, and anything else that separates your target from a lump of inanimate matter. Knowing this, you may pick and choose traits from your target, then rip them from the core of their very soul, of their very being, and adapt them into your biology as if you had earned these traits, or had been born with them, like your victim had.

This ability becomes permanently yours, regardless of what it was or how the victim had acquired it.

The unfortunate side effect of this ability being copied is that it is permanently removed from your victim. How else would you come to acquire it?

Material Component: A 1,000,000 gp gem that originates from the Positive Energy Plane (meaning that it would be worth 1,000,000 gp if it had come from the material plane. Take that quality, size and type, and find one identical to it, but from the Positive Energy Plane). Casting this spell consumes the gem entirely, leaving nothing but a swirl of white dust in the wind.

Focus: the aforementioned gemstone.

Note: This spell Cannot be inscribed upon a spell stone or within any magic item. Any caster wishing to utilize this spell must create it from scratch.

There have been legends, but the last being to develop and/or use this spell was blasted into oblivion by a Greater Deity as he had attempted to use this spell against her.

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