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Certain elven groves, tended primarily by priests rather than druids, produce trees which have an inherent resistance to undeath and blight.

This rare magic wood is just as sturdy as normal wood, but has a natural sheen when planed and worked. Any wooden or mostly wooden item (such as a bow, an arrow, or a spear) made from silverwood is considered a masterwork item, since the tenders of the grove would never turn over timber to a craftsman who wouldn't give the material the respect it deserves. Items not normally made of wood or only partially of wood (such as a battleaxe or a mace) either cannot be made from or do not gain any special benefit being made from silverwood. To determine the price of a silverwood item, use the original price but add 20 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item.

Wooden weapons made of silverwood bypass the damage reduction of creatures such as lycanthropes. Weapons whose significant parts are metal, such as arrows (the arrowhead is the main damage-dealing part) and axes (likewise, the axehead), gain no benefit from having their wooden parts crafted from silverwood. A shield made of silverwood increases its AC by 2 against any creature with a damage reduction which is bypassed by silver, such as lycanthropes.

Silverwood has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 6.

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