Silkcraft Mastery III (4e Feat)

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Silkcraft Mastery III

Prerequisite: 21st level, Ettercap (4e Race), Silkcraft Mastery II
Benefit: You are granted several benefits:
  • You can use your silkcraft power(s) three times per day.
  • Weapons created with your silkcraft powers now have a +6 enchantment bonus and cause an extra 6d6 damage on a critical hit.
  • Instead of creating a weapon or trap with your silkcraft you can create up to 8 opaque, non-sticky, curtains of silk. Each takes one hour to create, can be up to 4 squares wide and 2 squares high, and blocks line of sight. It must be anchored to a ceiling, sturdy branch or other overhang. It can be left hanging or anchored to the ground. A hanging curtain does not hinder movement. A grounded curtain is a wall with a break DC of 30 and a climb DC of 20.

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