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Silent One[edit]

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Domains: War, Strength, Justice
Warpriest Domain: Storm

The Silent One is a god of war, like Bane. Unlike Bane, however, he doesn't concern or sully himself with emotions like hate, misery and the like, so he makes no attempts to cause them. If, however, they are caused in his great wars or by his legions of worshipers, it is nothing to him. The Final One reserves his emotions of hate for two and two alone: the immortals Bane and Orcus, both of whom he hates with a fanatical fervor. On his home ground of Tallemonn, legions of angles wait upon his command to begin a war, any war, but The Silent One has had no cause to do so for a century and half again. Instead, He sits brooding in his Throne Room and broods, waiting patiently, patiently...

  • Conquer the enemy: let them fall to your tactical and martial genius like wheat to the scythe.
  • Honor your captured enemies: do not make the mistake of treating them well, like you would treat your men, but nor fail by treating them like your pack animals.
  • Do not curse your comrades to rise as undead: if you can save a dying soldier, do so, but if the soldier is already dead, let him rest for eternity.

Cleric Training[edit]

All of the Silent's clerics and priests are accomplished soldiers, often retired. Their holy robes are their armor, their weapons are their priestly sceptres


The quests of the Silent One are often to stamp out the cults of Bane and Orcus, or to lead an army to the front.


The Silent accepts prayers only if they are made by one who has fought in a war or is going to do so. No one else has any place offering a prayer to him.


The temples of The Silent are very different: Some resemble small fortresses, others look like morbid graveyards, more still look like grand temples. But appearances can be deceiving: inside those grand temples are the dead and the dying, who came to the priests of The Silent One to sleep for all of eternity.


The Rites of the Silent are practiced on the battlefield as well as in his temples: the simple tasks of oiling, honing and cleaning weapons and armor, the formulation of battle tactics and finally the battle itself, where soldiers are slain and their spirits released.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

The Silent is impassive about the other deities, the last time he openly allied with them was in the great war between the primordials and the Gods. His heralds are priests who have ascended and spread his philosophy throughout the world.

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