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Silence is a legendary artifact of which little is known, thought by many to be nothing more than a myth. Legends hold that it was created by ten powerful spellcasters, one of each class; the sheer amount of magic contained within is beyond any one mortal, lending credence to this theory. It is said that to wield it is to wield Death itself.

The legends are not far wrong, for Silence is indeed of immense power, though it rarely stays with any one keeper for long.

It appears as a jet-black crystal arrow one-and-a-half metres long. It is fletched with vibrant red-gold feathers said to come from a Phoenix. The arrowhead (a thin spike) is actually part of the shaft. The words "Choose Wisely Your Foe" are engraved along the shaft in Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Druidic, Elven, Gnomish, and Infernal, though the lettering is small and shallow, easily overlooked. It makes no sound when struck on other objects, nor does it whistle in flight like other high-velocity projectiles. It is completely indestructible by any means; even deities lack the power to damage it.

If Detect Magic is cast on Silence, the caster must make a DC 50 Will Save. Success means that the caster is stunned for 5d6 rounds. Failure means that the caster is rendered unconscious instead. Divination spells cast on or in regards to it automatically fail.


The arrow confers several special abilities to its wielder when nocked and drawn. The wielder gains the benefits of True Seeing, and reveals all creatures (as though with Locate Creature) within a 220 ft-long cone. This cone cannot be blocked by any material or ability, nor can it be fooled. The wielder receives this information as mental images: they can effectively see the creatures despite any visual impairment or concealment.

When fired, the arrow becomes ethereal, visible only as a translucent black blur. While in flight, it has the Ghost Touch attribute. The archer receives a +20 bonus to their attack roll when firing Silence, and it ignores the AC from Armour, Shields, Natural Armour, and Force Effects.

Silence travels double the distance of a normal arrow, as though the bow in question was a Distance Weapon. It passes through any solid object less than 20 feet thick without any loss in velocity. However, if it enters a solid object and travels 20 feet without reaching the other side, it flies back to the entry point, drops to the ground, and re-corporates back into its physical form.


What is truly terrifying about Silence, however, is the effect it has on its victims. Any creature struck by it must make both a DC 30 Fortitude and DC 30 Will save. A creature that succeeds on both takes 10d20 force damage, bypassing any reduction. If a creature dies from this damage, it is treated as having failed its save, as below.

A creature that fails either save or that makes both but dies from the resultant damage is instantly destroyed. Living creatures and undead are both subject to the effects of Destruction. Constructs are subject to Disintegrate.

All of a victim's nonmagical possessions are subject to the effects of a focused Shatter spell..

There is no limit to how many creatures can be affected per shot; all creatures caught in the arrow's path are subject to its effects, making collateral damage a very real possibility (practically a guarantee).

Generally, all that's left of a victim is their shattered gear in a pile on the floor.

Silence cannot affect deities, though it affects demigods normally.

A creature slain by this arrow can only be restored to life by Wish, Miracle, or True Resurrection. Doing so requires that the caster make a Will save; the initial DC is 365, but it drops by one every day, until the anniversary of the creature's destruction, after which the save is no longer necessary.

There is nothing stopping an archer from retrieving the arrow. However, because it makes no noise, turns ethereal during flight, is jet-black, and travels through solid objects, it is extremely easy to lose.


Well, now, aren't we ambitious, then? If you really want one that badly, and can both front the price and gather together 20 CL worth of casters, then I guess you deserve it. Here's all you need, have fun with it!

Overwhelming Transmutation; CL 20; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Destruction, True Strike, True Seeing, Locate Creature, Etherealness, Shatter, Silence, Shadow Evocation, Trap the Soul, Power Word Kill, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Plane Shift, Disintegrate, True Creation, Permanency, Wish; Price 50,000gp

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