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Empire of Lenin - Summary[edit]

The first and only civilization on Vasuda to be founded an the principles of peace, the Empire has risen to power through a superior economic model, not war. The Empire only maintains a small security force for guarding caravans, and much of its funds are used to provide education and a good standard of living for it's citizens.

Lenin Trotsky[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Aristocrat

Role: Founder, Emperor

Acknowledged by everyone as the most intelligent person on Vasuda, Emperor Lenin Trotsky was born in a small village in what was later called the Imperial Isthmus. By fifteen, Trotsky had already assumed control of the village and had created an incredibly successful series of trading caravans. With the accumulated wealth, Emperor Lenin began the construction of Leningrad (the capital's name was chosen by the people of the village, the Emperor was not very narcissistic) and Cambridge University, as centers of art and knowledge. He sponsored a number of individuals who wanted to conduct research in "mundane" (non-magical) fields. The time during which Emperor Lenin directed the Empire is considered its golden age.

Sadly, he disappeared shortly after the Leningrad riots in 1416, where a secretly organized militia fought against the Forgotten rioters, but also caused severe collateral damage. In his last message to the people of the Empire, he explained that he made his edicts against violence and weaponry for a reason, and that the Empire's integrity mattered more than any territory it held. Lenin Trotsky was never heard from again, and the Empire fell into decline, never to recapture its glory days.

Crow Theodore Robot[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Fighter

Role: Formed Leningrad Militia

Former Knight Crow T. Robot feared that in the mid-1416's, mutants would attempt to overthrow the Empire's control of it's most important city, Leningrad. He began to arm the citizens in Leningrad, although secretly, since forming a militia was against the Emperor's Edicts. Crow was correct, and the mutants did attempt to capture Leningrad. Many experts agree that if Robot had not organized the militia, the city would most likely have been lost. However, Emperor Lenin disappeared, and Robot was held responsible. After being exiled from the Empire, most believe he rejoined the Knights. Vague records suggest he might have been on the expedition to retrieve the Tacitus from Madagai.

Mark Coolidge[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Half-elf

Class: Expert

Role: Tiberium Resercher

Mark Coolidge graduated from Cambridge Univeristy in 1408, and began studying Tiberium. He made important discoveries about the nature of Tiberium, including the prediction that Tiberium would render the planet uninhaitable by 1422. This dire prediction motivated the Templar and the Nod to cooperate in retrieving the second half of the Tacitus. Coolidge eventually left the Empire to help the Forgotten in their struggle for a place in the world.

DM's Note[edit]

What about the Invasion? Who lived and died?

This is something you will have to decide for yourself. It is not likely that many of the important characters could have survived the 20-odd years of alien domination, but you might decide that one of these people is important to your game. An entire adventure could be based on tracking down and saving one of leaders.

What happened Lenin Trotsky?

Again, this is left intentionally vague, so that you might design your own adventure around finding the most intelligent man on Vasuda. Perhaps he went into the wilderness, or left to another plane, so that he might avoid those too stupid to help themselves.

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