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Shifting: A shifting weapon acts similar to a psionic teleporting weapon only without the need for psionics to exist. Effectively this is a returning enhancement that can be applied to any weapon, even non-throwing weapons.

At the beginning of each round, a weapon with this enhancement teleports to the designated anchor. Outside of combat this can occur at will.

Weapons with this enhancement need an anchor. This anchor can be anything from a hand to a container or even on top of a rock. Setting this anchor is a full round action and takes 1d6 rounds to perform (a full minute outside of combat). Each round a concentration check of a DC equal to the distance away from the wielder the anchor is (minimum 10) needs to be made. A single failure merely extends the duration one more round. Two consecutive failures adds 1d3 rounds and three consecutive failures fails the check, restarting the process. Once an anchor is set, the previous anchor is lost (the previous anchor is not lost until a new anchor is successfully made). This enchantment does not begin until the first anchor is placed.

Any number of weapons an individual possesses can have this enhancement; however, each weapon needs to have its anchor set individually. The right to set the anchor can be transferred with ownership, but only the owner may set an anchor.

The shifting occurs as if the spell Dimension Door. Range issues are sidestepped owing to the fact that the teleportation is instant and multiple teleportations can occur each turn (until the weapon reaches the anchor). Although the effect is similar to dimension door, anything that may impede dimension door will not impede shifting (though the DM may come up with specific anti-shifting effects). This includes anti-magic fields; however, a concentration check of DC (field caster level + spell level) must be made by the wielder or the weapon will fail to teleport that round.

Moderate transmutation;CL 9th; Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Dimension Door; Market Price: +1 bonus.

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