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| style="vertical-align: middle; font-size: 0.9em;"| Nothing escapes you.

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Sharp-Eyed [Skill][edit]

Nothing escapes you.

Benefits: This is a skill feat that scales with your ranks in Spot.

  • 0 ranks: You gain a +3 bonus to Spot checks.
  • 4 ranks: You can make a Spot check once a round as a free action. You don't take penalties for distractions on your Spot checks.
  • 9 ranks: As a move action, you can make a Spot check against a DC of an opponent's Armor Class: if you succeed, you can ignore their Armor and Natural Armor bonus to AC for the next attack you make against them. If you accept a -20 penalty to your check, you can attempt this check as a swift action. Divide any distance penalties you take on Spot checks by two.
  • 14 ranks: If you beat an opponent's Hide check with a Spot check at a -10 penalty, you can ignore concealment. If you beat their Hide check at a -30 penalty, you can ignore total concealment.
  • 19 ranks: You can see through solid objects, but you take a -20 penalty on your Spot check for each 5'. Divide any distance penalties you take on Spot checks by five.

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