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Shard of Kuvachim[edit]

"Seeming more real than anything you've ever seen, this half-plate armor makes you doubt your own grip on reality and whether it's even reality you're holding on to. Appearing like a brilliantly polished platinum set of half-plate, this armor instantly draws the eye though no one can quite tell why. It just makes everything else seem uncertain when compared to its implacability."


Forged by a High Lord after a failed attempt to break through Kuvachim and overthrow the supreme being, he broke off a shard of the Great Wall itself to take back as a trophy. This trophy was quickly forged into a set of the most badass armor in the Omniverse, unfortunately it wasn't quite quick enough as the supreme being sent some Mulhatimic Dragons for payback. The High Lord, determined to get some measure of revenge, instilled a portion of his own power into the armor as his last act before casting it into the void hoping that, one day, another would use it to avenge him.


This armour naturally appears as a set of +60 glittering platinum half-plate, it's appearance though has little affect on its actual properties. It will always act as a set of half-plate armour giving a standard +7 to ac on top of the +60 enhancement bonus and it can never be painted any other colour or be augmented (no spikes, etc). Any attempt to do this will cause the Shard to 'absorb' these augmentations faster than they can be applied.

The transcendental qualities of this armor provide its wearer with multiple divine abilities so long as they're wearing it and has many unique qualities. It is able to instantaneously change size to fit any wearer (Fine, Diminutive, etc). Furthermore the armour does not count as metal as it is instead a solid part of the wall between dimensions, it is also makes all its wearer items immune to the effects of dead magic but not the wearer themselves. Due to its fluidity those wearing the armor suffer no armour check penalty, spell failure chance or maximum dex bonus. The armor seems to simply 'be', not adversely effecting the wearer in any way. Thus it is almost utterly weightless allowing the wearer complete freedom of movement. The Shard also grants the wearer 50% immunity to critical hits as well as DR 30, this stacks with any other damage reduction and changes all of it to X/Epic and (One Opposed Alignment) e.g. Lawful.

If the wearer is a mortal however they are constantly at threat of the Mulhatimic Dragons mistaking them for the original High Lord and 'cleaning up'. Any time a mortal wearing this armour is struck in combat (including when they're saved only be they're armour bonus) roll a d100 on a 1 they are instantly obliterated by power so far beyond they're comprehension that even there soul is destroyed. The character cannot be revived by any means and all there equipment except the Shard is disintegrated. Any character with a divine rank or paralleled one wearing this armor is unaffected as they're own aura masks that of the High Lords. Any character holding a divine rank is also able to radiate a field of dead-magic. This can be turned on or off as a standard action and extends in a 100 ft. radius from the wearer. The Glittering enchantment can be found in The Immortals Handbook: Bestiary Volume 1.

The Shard of Kuvachim is literally part of the wall between the final dimensions and as such is usually indestructible, there are a few exceptions though. The first of these is to take it to Kuvachim and rejoin it to the rest of the wall while no one is wearing it. The second way is for at least 10 OverGods to focus their power into it for 100 days thus returning it to its original form as an actual Shard of Kuvachim. If this is done it can be reforged by any being with a divine rank of 20+ with a successful Craft (Blacksmithing) check (DC 100). To restore its Divine qualities though a total of 100,000 quintessence must be invested into the Shard.

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