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Sharanai, the Twin Disciplines[edit]

Disorder longs for chaos, order longs for harmony, but balance longs for both.

Prerequisite: You must be an Agent of Sharahas (Five Towers Supplement)

Sarahas, that of whom is both the prospect of utter disorder, true chaos without rationality, and that which is order, structure with purpose, is the force which enables the few to become Sharanai, or those of "Twin Disciplines". Sarahas, maintains a strict balance; weighing all actions, even beyond his own, upon a scale of reasonable and unreasonable; in order to ensure there is some semblance of control between both diametrically opposed forces. Sarahas enlists those of substantial mental and physical fortitude, often adventurers or agents, even those from beyond his realm, to establish a grasp on a universe well out of control. When just one deity intervenes, Sarahas is ever balancing the odds, yet when Sarahas intervenes, there is no force which can compare to his action, and no presence strong enough to wrench control.

You, as an agent of Sarahas, are the instrument which can vary from precision to blunt force at moment's notice, from cold logic to abstract thought, from defender to striker, all to ensure power is evenly distributed between the forces of order and chaos.

Sharanai Path Features[edit]

Duality (11th Level):
As an agent of Sharahas, you are both that which is chaotic in nature, and that which is order. At the start of an Encounter select Duality: Order or Duality: Chaos. Either of these Duality functions last until the end of the Encounter and may not be exchanged until the Encounter has ended.
Duality: Order
After each extended rest you may choose four class features from a class other than your own. At the beginning of each encounter you may choose one class feature from this selection that will remain in effect until the end of that encounter. Once the encounter is over that class feature may not be used again until after an extended rest unless you have chosen it more than once for that day, in which it still counts to your maximum of four times a day Duality: Order can be utilized. The selected Class Feature uses the ability modifier of your choosing to function if it uses ability modifiers; powers and abilities which cannot normally be used in conjunction with the selected Class Feature may now be used, such as Wild Shape.
Duality: Chaos
You may select one At-Will and one Encounter power of appropriate level from one of six classes of your choosing. From the six classes you select, designate each one a value 1 through 6, rolling a d6 to determine which class you receive the temporary At-Will and Encounter you receive. The selected At-Will and Encounter powers remain with you until the end of the Encounter.
Alter Reality (11th Level):
Upon expending an action point you may utilize your Duality Paragon Path feature again, exchanging your current Duality: Order or Duality: Chaos for a new selection of Duality and its associated features.
Distortion (16th Level):
When you are the recipient of an attack that bloodies you or would bloody you upon success, you may immediately distort yourself, taking on the statistics and characteristics of an ally within 10 squares of you before or after the attack and its damage are rolled. Should the attack succeed, you share half of that damage with the ally you selected to emulate, provided they are willing. Should the attack fail because of the emulated statistics, you and that ally may expend a healing surge, gaining temporary hit points of that value. Following Distortion, you return to your normal form.

Power Tap Sharanai Utility 11
Twisting the rules of the universe in your favor, you call upon a power unfamiliar to you, tapping it for a brief moment as you expend loaned strength.
Encounter Star.gif Divine
Free Action Personal
Trigger: An Encounter begins
Effect: You may choose any level 11 Paragon Path Encounter power and utilize it on your next turn. If you do not expend your chosen Encounter power from another Paragon Path during your next turn, you expend Power Tap as normal, in addition to losing your use of the chosen Encounter power.

Instability Aura Sharanai Utility 12
A warping field radiates from your person, twisting and distorting reality, granting both boon and curse alike.
Daily Star.gif Divine
Minor Action Close
Effect: You radiate an aura from your person out to burst 3 until the end of the Encounter, which causes hostile attacks to take a randomized penalty or bonus to damage, and might causes damage to the attacker whenever they fail to hit.
Whenever an enemy attacks roll a d4, if it comes up as 1,2, or 3 and the attack succeeds in dealing damage, the damage they deal is reduced by 1d8; if they roll a 4 the damage from the attack is unaffected. If the enemy fails to deal damage with their attack on a 1, 2, or 3, they immediately take 1d8 damage of which cannot be reduced; if they roll a 4 they are unaffected.
Allies in your aura who roll a 1, 2, or 3 on a d4 during an attack deal an additional 1d6 damage whenever they use a power to deal damage to an enemy; this bonus damage caused is Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid, Force or Psychic, and is determined by rolling a second 1d6 and using the values 1 through 6. If the d4 rolls a 4, their attack is unaffected by your aura
Special: Enemies who expend an action point while in your Instability Aura immediately provoke an opportunity attack, be it melee or ranged, from you and all other allies within your Instability Aura.

Temporal Distortion Sharanai Attack 20
Unleashing a rift of time and space upon your enemy, you disable them and outright render them useless to their allies.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Psychic, Force
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom, Intelligence, or Constitution Vs. Will
Hit: 2d10 damage, and the target is weakened and slowed (save ends), along with being dazed until the end of your next turn. The target must make an immediate saving throw at the start of their next turn at a penalty equal to your highest ability modifier, or take 10 ongoing Force damage each turn (save ends).
Miss: Half damage, and the target is weakened, slowed, and dazed until the start of your next turn, and the ongoing Force damage the target takes is reduced to 5.
Special: The damage caused by this attack cannot be resisted or reduced.

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