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Physical Description[edit]

A shape is a humanoid being that has no neck, any shape floating above where the neck would be, and a body the color of their shape head. They come from Paradise from a game called Just Shapes & Beats.


All of Shape-kind comes from a tree in Paradise that nobody really knows where it came from.


Society is very peaceful in Paradise. Every shape in Paradise (or just wherever) usually lives isolated as if they were in a rural area. They usually don't expect visitors unless scheduled.

Shape Names[edit]

Most, if not, all shape names are based on the colors they are and their names are mostly gender neutral.

Names: Cinnabar, Crimson, Tangerine, Butterscotch, Gold, Goldenrod, Shamrock, Teal, etc.

Shape Traits[edit]

Humanoid beings from Just Shapes & Beats' Paradise.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age. Their lifespan is usually around 110 years. Just a little more than humans.
Alignment. Shapes are ALMOST never neutral. They are USUALLY lawful or chaotic.
Size. Your size is Medium
Speed. 30 ft.
Limited Vision. 'Your vision is limited to 60 ft.
[Your attack]. [Attack's description]
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and two other languages of your choice.

Corrupted Shapes[edit]

Shapes can still be corrupted, but now the corruption is pretty harmless and can't spread unless the person who is before the corruption is willing to be corrupted. All corrupted shapes are either purified by choice, or got their personality back and uses the corruption for cosmetics. Also, if you are a corrupted shape, you pretty much need to be a exact or similar shade of the #FF2071 color.

Shape charges[edit]

The shape gets an amount of charges equal to their proficiency bonus. Extended charges are restored during a long rest.

Shape abilities[edit]

Shapes can choice one type of unique abilities at level 1 and one addition attack at level 8.

Black Holes(2 Charges[edit]

Black Holes are places on the battlefield that inflate or fill in their space. ([ Click here to see what I mean if you don't play JSAB]) As a bonus action you can choose a place to put the black hole. Black holes take up a 10 feet by 10 feet space and when a creature starts their turn in the black hole or enters the black hole the creature inside will take damage equal to half your level rounded up. Creatures within the black hole also have their movement speed halved.

Pulse Bombs(1 charge)[edit]

Pulse Bombs are like, well, bombs! You can spend an action to place a bomb in an open space within 20 feet. The bomb only occupies 5 ft and it's health is equal to your level+5(Your bomb will not explode if it's health reaches 0). On the next turn, the bomb explodes and anything within a 20 ft radius (except for you and 3 allies of your choice) must make a dexterity save (DC is equal to 12+your proficiency+wis mod). One a fail they take 1d8 (plus an extra d8 at levels 4, 6, 8, etc.) force/psychic damage(whichever one is more fitting for a bomb for you) and half as much on a successful save.

Spacial aura(3 charges)[edit]

Spacial aura surrounds yourself with an invisible wall that prevents creatures from reaching you. You can spend a reaction to activate the aura and while active, if a creature intends to come within 5 feet of you they must make a strength save of(15+2*your Con mod) or be stopped in their tracks. Spacial aura does not effect projectiles and objects.

(working on more attacks)

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