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Most Trolls Act as ever they did when they were Humans. Though some lose intelligence as they turn

Physical Description[edit]

a Troll's average height is 2.5 meters (8' 2"), with an average weight of 300 kg (661 lbs.) but weighing upwards to 350 kg (771 pounds). They are large hulking and have horns and bones protruding from their bodies


Depends how they were raised








Mostly Common


Usually just human names

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +5 Con +4 Str -3 Dex -4 Int -4 Cha -2 Wis They are big and strong but a little stupid unless educated
  • Goblinoid
  • Large Creature
  • Trolls base land speed is 20 feet: though can charge at 30 feet and cant stop themselves unless hit something like a wall or a pillar or a person
  • Thermo Vision (Ex): Can change their vision to sense heat at will
  • Extraordinary Str(Ex): Can wield 2 handed weapons that are at least 1 size category smaller then the troll and Tower shields are wielded as large shields (In other words can shield Bash)
  • Natural Armor +3 They are covered with thick leathery skin and Bone plating with spikes (which if no armor is worn counts as armor spikes)
  • Harder Crits (due to their thick skin and bone plating it is near impossible to crit on them. To crit on a troll you must confirm the crit )
  • Mutated Cells (EX) they also get +1 to their HD
  • Body damage (EX) Their Spikes (1d4+sm) Horns (D8+sm) Charge (3d8+2xsm){-2 TH)
  • If the Troll's Int is less than 10 they cannot read
  • -2 to Reflex saves
  • -5 to Balance and Swim checks
  • +4 to intimidate
  • -10 to move silently .....really its a giant troll
  • Allergy roll a d12 (1 being annoying 12 being deadly) that is how allergic you are to something (roll d6 or just choose)
 -Cold Iron

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