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Size/Type: Miniscule Outsider (Native)
Hit Dice: 738d1000+58,302+181,548+108,486x96 x192 (2,187,361,152 hp)
Initiative: +701 (+300 Dex, +147 divine, +246 insight, +8 Sup Init), always first
Speed: Superluminal
Armor Class: 1,112 (+128 size, +300 Dex, +291 deflection, +147 divine, +246 insight), touch 1,112, flat-footed - (9th sense)
Base Attack/Grapple: +738/+1,179
Attack: Singularity +1,559 melee touch (1,476d1000+369,369x96 plus singularity)
Full Attack: Singularity
Space/Reach: 0'/0'
Special Attacks: Accretion disc, alter reality, divine aura (18.25 billion miles), divine energy, event horizon, gamma ray, integrated sorcerer levels (369, CL 1,131, DC's 744 plus spell lvl) singularity
Special Qualities: Blindsight (see Cosmic Consciousness), Cosmic Consciousness, darkvision (see Cosmic Consciousness), energy absorption, fast healing 150,000, improved evasion, immunities, spell reflection 1,141, telepathy (see Cosmic Consciousness), transcendental traits (DR 147), Weapon Deficiency
Saves: Fort +843, Ref +1,064, Will +959
Abilities: Str 171/+80, Dex 610/+300, Con 169/+79, Int 401/+195, Wis 401/+195, Cha 592/+291
Skills: Omnicompetent -- all skills 1,134 plus key ability modifier (Spellcraft and all knowledge skills: +2,662)
Skill Tricks: All
Feats: Dire Spell, Empower Spell, Fortify SpellB, Greater Spell Focus (All Schools), Heighten SpellB, Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell, Silent Spell, Spell Focus (All Schools), Still Spell, Transdimensional SpellB
Epic Feats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity (x188)B, Dolorous Spell, Enhance SpellB, Epic Skill Focus (all Knowledge skills, Spellcraft)B, Epic Spell Focus (All Schools), Expert StrikeB, Metamagic Freedom, PolyglotB, Sixth SenseB, Superior InitiativeB, Unbound SpellB, Weapon AbatementB
Divine Abilities: ApocryphaB, Enlarge Aura (x23)B, Eternal FreedomB, GravitasB, Immortal Spell Focus (All Schools), Mindless Spell, Mythic Skill Focus (all Knowledge skills, Spellcraft)B, Natural CasterB, Penetrating Spell, Perfect InitiativeB, Permanent Spell, Quick Action Spells, Rune Spell, Self-HypnosisB, Seventh SenseB, Shadow Self (x11)B, Spell Immunity (x37)B, True SeeingB, X-Ray VisionB
Cosmic Abilities: Devastating Spell, Eighth SenseB, ElusionB, EnlightenedB, EnsorcelledB, Immediate SpellB, PsychometryB, Spell DissolutionB, Sidereal Spell Focus (All Schools), Thelemic Damage Induction (x11)B, Unearthly Skill Focus (all Knowledge skills, Spellcraft)B
Transcendental Abilities: ApostasyB, Dead ZoneB, Doomsday Spell, Enhanced Damage InductionB, InterdimensionalB, Irresistible Spell, Ninth SenseB, Ultimate CastingB, Ultimate Skill Focus (all Knowledge skills, Spellcraft)B, Unreal Spell
Environment: Any (deep in the void above the clouds)
Organization: Unique
Challenge Rating: 738
Treasure: None
Alignment: Beyond alignment
Advancement: 739+ (Miniscule)
Level Adjustment: -
The living quasar wants to know all about you and your gods.

A most beautiful sight in the night sky, you see the razor-edged side of a swirl of stars. Together they are so bright you may as well be seeing a blue sun at dusk. As you watch, to your amazement it turns. Less than a minute later, though it felt like an day, the disc now shows you the flat side; it is moving, spinning, and suddenly glows a deep, fiery red. To your amazement, only you seem to be lit up; the surrounding environment should be as lit up as if it were a cloudless noon. As you squint, you see the center of the gigantic disc open into a dark pinprick blacker than anything you've ever witnessed. What you are now seeing almost suggests an eye bigger than the sun. You pick up faintly within your mind, "What are your dreams, human?"

Sempiterne, also known as the living quasar, is one of the oldest beings in the multiverse, from a time when the three dimensions of space had just coalesced into a coherent form. It is perhaps through its own form and might that galaxies exist at all, the bones of the demiurge growing around Sempiterne's nigh-nonexistent body.

If the living quasar wishes, light emitted from its accretion disc move instantaneously so it may, for example, show those a galaxy away what it is doing at that moment, or just one being from half the multiverse away.

The desires of Sempiterne are unknown, even to itself, for to its perspective life, universe, and everything spontaneously generated not too long ago. It is endlessly curious about the creatures, formations, and the myriad ways in which the multiverse works, in the same manner as a child who is fresh from the womb.

It has made no decisions on anything. It has but watched and waited for all these billions of years. Only Sempiterne will know when it is ready to stop pondering and start acting, choosing, taking sides...

Sempiterne is not above conversing with any being, from those as lowly as mortal commoners, to mentally interacting with the dreams of the first ones. It does these things to sate its own curiosity, or merely because it feels like a good talk right now. The living quasar almost never responds to another trying to initiate conversation, however, unless a creature approaches the living quasar just close enough to not be harmed by its gravitational pull. It will answer questions unless Sempiterne believes the answer would tip multiversal balance in one way or another -- the living quasar never answers queries about the elder gods, for one thing -- for as of now it tries to remain strictly neutral in all affairs.

The living quasar's nickname is a bit of a misnomer, for truly it is the singularity of a supermassive black hole, about the smallest any one thing can possibly be. However, surrounding Sempiterne is a galaxy of immense size and heat that can incinerate all but beings of aeonic toughness.


Many are the cosmic- and transcendental-level threats who got it in their heads to try and harness Sempiterne's power for their own, or to destroy Sempiterne and prove their multiversal supremacy. Just as many have been reduced to cinders that now orbit Sempiterne and will do so until the end of time.

The living quasar has a transcendental knack with its sorcery and ability to alter reality with greater precision than overpowers of magic. Though it rarely needs to, for the quasar that surrounds Sempiterne is often more than enough to wipe away any being that irritates it.

Sempiterne's touch ignores all damage reduction and hardness.

If you wish to use the house rule that multiplies a creature's maximum hit points by one-tenth its CR once it reaches CR 11, the living quasar would instead have 161,427,253,017 maximum hit points.


Accretion Disc (Ex): Spinning around Sempiterne is an entire burning galaxy about 30,000 light years across and 500 light years in thickness. The closer to the event horizon, the hotter it gets: out to 3.5 billion miles, creatures in the disc take 738d1000+184,684x96 divine fire damage per round or when they enter the disc. Out to 5 light years, creatures take 738d100+18,634x96 divine fire damage (no save). Out to 25 light years, 738d20+3,874x96 divine fire damage. Out to 100 light years, 738d10+2,029x96 divine fire. Out to 1,500 light years, 738d4+922x96 divine fire. Out to 10,000 light years, 70,848 divine fire.
Those not within the disc, but out to 1 light year from it take 738d100+18,634x96 divine fire damage per round from heat emanating in close proximity, or 738d20+3,874x96 out to 5 light years, or 738d10+2,029x96 out to 10 light years, or 738d4+922x96 out to 15 light years, and 70,848 out to 30 light years away.
Only the highest damage applies, and Sempiterne is unaffected by its own accretion disc.
The disc spins in the same direction regardless of where Sempiterne moves, but Sempeterne can move the disc's angle up to 45 degrees in any direction with a free action once per round.
If its black hole is inactive (see Event Horizon), then the accretion disc deals no divine fire damage (aeonnaturally cooling off in an instant) and becomes as calm as any galaxy.
Alter Reality (Su): As a free action once per round, Sempiterne can duplicate any 197th-lvl spell. Alternatively, Sempitern can duplicate any epic spell with a Spellcraft DC of up to 2,682.
Divine Energy (Su): The following forms of hit point damage from Sempiterne is half divine damage: acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, negative, positive, sonic. If supernatural abilities are suppressed, the aforemention energy types deal damage normally.
Event Horizon (Ex): Within a 4-million-mile emanation from Sempiterne is its own event horizon. The living quasar is immune to all effects aside from hit point damage from any source outside the event horizon, and all hit point damage from sources outside the horizon is reduced by up to 7 million.
Those within can only move away from Sempiterne by making a DC 852 Strength check (DC is Strength-based) as a move action (which means to actually move, a creature must make a double-move action to get away; one move action to break free, and the next to move away). Creatures must take this move action before they can make any action that round, including free actions.
Every creature within the event horizon, regardless of if they can move or not, take 30% their maximum hit points in damage from the extreme gravitational pressure every round (no save).
Those out to 4 million miles from the event horizon take 20% their maximum hit points in damage per round; out to 8 million 10%, out to 12 million, 5%; out to 20 million, 1%. Only the highest damage applies.
Sempiterne is unaffected by its own event horizon.
If Sempiterne chooses to make its black hole inactive (a full-round action), the event horizon is only 50-million miles from Sempiterne, and those outside it do not take damage (but those who still enter take gravitational damage). Its accretion disc cools, and it cannot fire gamma rays. It takes another full-round action to reactivate its black hole.
Gamma Rays (Ex): Firing out in 50,000 light year long, half-a-million-mile jets from either end of the event horizon (always from opposite ends) are two massive lines of pure energy which can obliterate most anything it comes in contact with. Anything that comes into contact with either jet suffer 184 hit dice obliteration or (for objects, including wielded objects) have their hardness reduced by 368 (if reduced to zero, or if it had no damage reduction to begin with, it's immediately destroyed) (Fortitude save 851 half), and the obliteration or reduction is repeated every round it's in the area. DC is Con-based.
Once per round as a free action, Sempiterne can alter the aim of the gamma rays. If it moves the rays to where a creature is, that creature can make a Reflex save
Sempiterne cannot aim within the event horizon or into its accretion disc.
If Sempiterne chooses, its gamma rays do not fire, and it can reactivate them at the beginning of its next turn.
While its black hole is inactive (see Event Horizon), Sempiterne cannot fire gamma rays.
Integrated Sorcerer Levels: Level 369, CL 1,131, DC's 744 plus spell lvl. Sempiterne knows all spells, and can cast any number of spells per day.
Singularity (Ex): Any that touch, or is touched by, Sempiterne must make a Fortitude save (DC 851) or die from direct contact with the singularity (this is NOT a death effect). Those who make the save still take 1,476d1000+369,369x96 damage (on top of the normal damage of its touch), and must make a Strength check as a move action to break free from the singularity (on top of the Strength checks to move towards the edge of the event horizon).
If Sempiterne begins a round with a creature unable to escape from the singularity, it must make the same Fortitude save (same damage if it saves), with a cumulative -20 circumstance penalty each round it cannot escape, with no action on the part of Sempiterne.
Sempiterne can continue touching other creatures, and can have as many attached to itself as it pleases, regardless of their size; singularities do not obey the laws of physics.


Cosmic Consciousness (Ex): The senses of Sempiterne extend to the borders of the current multiverse it inhabits.
Energy Absorption (Su): The following energy types do not harm Sempiterne, instead they heal it point-for-point: acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, negative, positive, sonic.
Immunities (Ex): Sempiterne is unaffected by any magical or natural effects such as: ability damage, disease, natural elements (cold, drowning, fire, lava, lightning etc.), poison and so forth. It can still be affected by artifacts (epic magic items) and epic spells. As a demiurge, it ignores all antimagic effects.
It is immune to ability damage, ability drain, critical hits, disease, mind-affecting effects, negative levels, and poison, as well as all spells and effects of the following schools: enchantment, illusion, necromancy, and transmutation.
Sempiterne is immune to acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, negative energy, positive energy, and sonic (only comes into play if Energy Absorption is negated). The living quasar is immune to all gravity-based attacks (including Gravitic [Effect]).
Pre-Time Insight (Ex): The living quasar has been studying every cubic inch of the muliverse and the minds of each and every one of its inhabitants for billions of years. It has a +246 insight bonus (equal to one-third its hit dice) to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; saving throws and spell resistance. As a demiurge, it ignores all antimagic effects.
Transcendental Traits (Ex): Sempiterne is effectively a stage III demiurge (divine rank 147) and as such adds a +147 divine bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; saving throws and spell resistance. As a demiurge, it ignores all antimagic effects. The living quasar is immortal and thus does not age, needs neither food nor drink, nor sleep.
Weapon Deficiency (Su): The special weapon properties of all weapons with a market modifier of +146 or less no longer apply to Sempiterne.


Cosmic Firmament Modifier: 96. Multiplies: divine bonus to hit points per hit die; maximum hit points; hit point damage (and only hit point damage) from Accretion Disc, Gamma Rays, Singularity, its touch attack, and its [effect] abilities; and range calculations for its spells and other abilities other than the ranges of Accretion Disc, Event Horizon, and Gamma Rays.

Adventure Ideas[edit]

  • Sub-Cosmic: Sempiterne travels interplanar skies far above each plane on the Great Wheel. Most beings simply enjoy (or are repulsed by) the impressive sight, but hundreds who have decided that its presence heralds armageddon have banded together.
  • Low Cosmic: A small part of Sempiterne's accretion disc has been cast off, and it has spawned dozens of overgod-level primal fire elementals.
  • Mid Cosmic: An unknown being from outside the multiverse rushes in and... does nothing. As if it were trying to hide by remaining utterly silent and still. Sempiterne is dying to know what this is all about, so it requests your characters to interact with it, try to make the being do anything so that the living quasar may watch and learn.
  • High Cosmic: Tamas, the chioh ha qodesh of entropy, returns to its nonexistent unhome after personally insulting the living quasar. It is lucky to have survived such a hearty rebuke. While the first one recuperates, its peers urge the sealing of the death dimension so the rest of the multiverse shall never again know oblivion.
  • Low Transcendental: Flight after flight of nexus dragons have been escaping from an interdimensional crack in your galaxy. Each new one keeps picking a fight with Sempiterne, and the living quasar has finally lost its patience. It decides to solve this problem once and for all by bathing your galaxy in gamma rays.
  • Low Omnific: The aggressive and quintessence-lusty Selimra-Thagkraz has captured Sempiterne and uses it as shield and shuriken.

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