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Human, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling


Selucia is the most ancient of Arcadia’s provinces, a product of war with the Southern Caliphate over a border dispute which resulted in Arcadia's expansion and annexation of the land during the 2nd Age. Since its inception it has been defined by the fusion of Arcadian and Caliphi culture; the natives of the land can trace their ancestry back to the Caliphate but as time goes on the gene pool becomes more and more diluted as a result of interbreeding with Arcadic peoples. Its grassy plains on the Arcadian and Otarian (Paladonian) borders roll right into palm tree-dotted sandy scrub to the south and desert in the east. The swarthy inhabitants of the country are proud of their Arcadian heritage but consider themselves a breed apart. Life in Selucia can be very cosmopolitan and Arcadian, or exceptionally frontier on the Otarian and Caliphi borders. Tensions with the Caliphi are at a low in 70 FA, as Arcadia made swift peace and pulled back its border Legions following the rise of the Wandering One.

In peace, Selucia is the crossroads of the world, funneling trade the east and west. Unfortunately the inhabitants of Selucia, their land has become the main battleground for the ever-raging fight between Arcadia and the Southern Caliphate, with Arcadian-proper garrisons never empty on the eastern borders. In times of desperation, Selucia is crippled by taxes to support the war and by conscription of young Selucians.

Selucia thrives mostly on trade: trade coming south from Otaria, trade flowing east from the Caliphate, or coming in through either a Selucian port or the city-state of Rishdan. Rishdan, although it is not a part of the province, is the center of life in Selucia. The ancient “City of a Thousand Towers” is the ultimate link between east and west and is a bustling city of docks, bazaars, and minarets. The roads in and out are full of caravans of every size and description: horses, mules, camels, and elephants walk side by side.

The provincial capital of Selucar sits on the east bank of the Daru River near the Arcadian Border. It was built first as a fortress then expanded over the Ages as Selucia waxed and waned. It is the only city with serious walls in the province aside from Rishdan, and is the center of ‘Arcadian’ civilization east of the Daru; most Selucians live in any number of ports or small towns/cities that dot the landscape astride ancient Arcadian roads. Darishten, built as a fortress against the Pardic Barbarians and Skirk Goblins, is the only other city of note. It also sits on the Daru River, but much further north near the Otarian border. It’s a stopping point along the road into Otaria and the main meeting place for Arcadians, Daru, and the Paladonians.


Government: Selucia maintains the basic structure of an Arcadian province, with a Proconsul and Consuls underneath him, but are most definitely their own country in spirit. The Proconsul rules much like a Caliph would, and the Consuls act as valued advisers and rule their cities in his name.

Military: The Selucian Legions are famous throughout Arcadia and indeed most of Dominaria: they have marched to war from the plains of Cormyr to the fields of Otaria and into the desert of the Caliphate. They wear green and bear the insignia of Arcadia, but their most distinctive feature are undoubtedly the mighty Armodons of the Daru River Basin. These massive armored elephants have been bred and trained for thousands of years in service of the Selucian Legions, only the difficulty inherent in breeding and raising them has prevented their wider scale implementation. By tradition and ancient treaty Selucia contributes no men to the overall Arcadian structure; instead maintaining 5 Legions and 3 demi-Legions of Marines (the only province to do so). Each of the Legions maintains around 2 dozen of the mighty Armadons as well as several score of the smaller Caliphi Elephants.



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