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You or your past were kept secret for some reason or another. Maybe your parents wanted to protect you from those who might harm you, or maybe they wanted to secret you away to use for their own gain. Maybe they aren’t your parents at all, or maybe you have no parents, being born of a higher power. But why? Are you an alien? A being of extreme power? Or maybe you’re just cursed, and no one wanted to tell you. Whether you led a normal life up to this point or not is of no consequence because now you know, and your life will never be normal again.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana or History, and Insight or Intimidation

Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit

Languages: One exotic language of your choice.

Equipment: One trinket from your past related to your secret, Disguise Kit, a set of traveller's clothes, a set of common clothes, and a pouch containing 10 gp

Your Secret[edit]

Your secret was a big one, and now you get to choose it. Pick one from the table below (or roll the appropriate die for a random one), or make up a new one, at your DM’s discretion.

d6 Secret
1 You have angelic/demonic blood.
2 You are of a different race that is physically similar to your parents. (eg. Aasimar)
3 You have been cursed somehow, and you must find a way to reverse it.
4 You are a lycanthrope, or something similar.
5 You were polymorphed from a different creature.
6 You have special powers not easily explained by science or magic.

Feature: Fabricated Background[edit]

Having the wool pulled over your eyes for so long has some benefits, as you now know how to do it to others. Weaving false stories has become second nature to you, so you gain advantage on Deception checks pertaining to any backstory you have fabricated about your past to make someone believe it as fact.

Alternate Feature: Heralded[edit]

It turns out that the entire town knew your secret but you. Your first thought is to get mad at your parents (if they even are your parents), but soon you realize that it was impossible not to tell them. However, now that you know, they are ready to help you in any way possible. You will always have a place to stay in your home, and your companions will have free food and lodging, with anything else they (or you) need at a hefty discount, if not free too. In addition, any connections they have are now your connections. At the DM’s discretion, by mentioning certain townspeople in other cities, you may be able to procure goods and services at a slight discount.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I lived a very sheltered life, so standard customs seem foreign to me.
2 I see my secret as fate calling me to a new adventure.
3 My life has been very mundane until now, so I jump at the chance to try new things!
4 People are nervous of my secret, so I strive to change their views.
5 I’m still not used to the attention my secret draws, so I tend to stay away from crowds.
6 I take extra lengths to hide my secret, going so far as to hide myself if necessary.
7 I am always afraid of others trying to use my secret for their own gain.
8 I’ll do anything to protect my secret, even if I have to kill.
d6 Ideal
1 Jaded. People are only trying to use me. I won’t let them get the chance. (Evil)
2 Freedom. My family always held me back because of my secret. Now that I know, I can do whatever I want. (Chaotic)
3 Duty. My secret has given me a chance to make right was goes wrong in this world, and I can’t ignore that. (Lawful)
4 Hero. I can use my secret to help others, and inspire others to do the same. (Good)
5 Recluse. My secret has only caused problems for everyone around me. I just want to be left alone. (Neutral)
6 Curiosity. I want to know more about my secret, and why it was bestowed upon me. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 Something gave me this secret, and I need to know why.
2 I was cursed, and now I need vengeance.
3 Fate gave me my secret to help others, and I have a constant urge to do so.
4 My home wouldn’t accept me due to my secret, and I’m constantly searching for a place that does.
5 I had to leave my home because of my secret; I feel my destiny is elsewhere.
6 My secret is my curse, and I need to find a cure.
d6 Flaw
1 A part of my life was kept from me without my knowledge, so I’m slow to trust others.
2 I think my life would be easier without my secret; I’ll do anything to be rid of it.
3 I have to help literally anyone I see in trouble, no matter the cost.
4 My worldview is small and restricted; I often can’t see past my secret.
5 People think I’m a freak, so I’m very hostile and susceptible to any criticism.
6 I don’t think I deserve my secret. It should’ve gone to someone better than me.

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