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Scry Past
Lesser; 3rd; Other
Want to learn what!? Hmph… Why, go ahead, youngling, book's on the shelf! If you want to tremble in bed all night so badly you'll actually pay for it, then who am I to stop you?
—Unknown, Warlock Lorekeeper

This invocation was initially given by demon lords to their favored warlocks who shared their joy in causing pain and destruction. These warlocks took sadistic pleasure in what they were shown, and then, out of ill will, they shared their knowledge with the rest, for the opporturnity to watch them shiver in disgust whenever they'd dare to use it.

Scry past allows you to perceive past events, 1 year/caster level in the past at best. This effect will remain active until you dismiss it, dispel it, or fall unconscious.

You experience these past events as if you were there: you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel anything you could have if you have been present. These visions are effectively phantasmal illusions, so you may be damaged or otherwise influenced by past surroundings (with the exception of falling, since you can still see and feel the surface you're standing on), weapons, spells etc. unless you make a successful Will saving throw (the DC is 10 + spell Level), but nothing in the vision can detect your presence.

Creatures and objects involved in the event appear as fluorescent and icorporeal to your eye, and pass through present objects and creatures as if those weren't there. If any of them (or what's left of them) are presently in your line of sight, those will seemingly emit light as well. Whatever you may find is unaffected by currently present natural or magical darkness. You may only experience a single past event at a time, and making out details may require Spot and /or Listen checks - or simply moving closer, if applicable.

Unless you specify something about the event you'd like to see when you cast the spell or your specifications are not applicable, Scry past shows you the oldest event yet to be seen in the area involving violence, disorder or an evil deed of any kind. Once the horrific/chaotic parts of a vision are over, the invocation immediately tries to show you another, different vision; you'll have to pass a Will save every round if you want to stick to an event once the magics cease to cooperate with you (the DC is 10 + spell level + 1/round). You can also force the invocation to show you another event, specific or otherwise, or dismiss the effects, if you pass a DC 10 + spell level Concentration check.

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