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Artistic depiction of the forests of darkness which fill Scrios' home in the Shadow Plane.


Intermediate Deity
Symbol: The silhouetted profile of a winged, howling wolf with outstretched wings
Home Plane: Shadow Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Shadows, wolves, stealth, death, torment, and decay
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, True Neutral
Domains: Chaos, Death, Fear, Darkness
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
The dead of night crept in as a silent herald over those horrid gallows, whispering of our salvation. My son caught only the slightest glimpse of his magnificent cloak in the crowd before all went still in the air; and from the darkness, his presence caused even the hangman to tremble. Lord Tresad nearly give the order to end my family's life, but his voice fall quiet as the Blind Overseer seemed to appear from nothing and untwist our nooses. None of us had time to react as Tresad's head fell to the floor from a single swipe of Scrios' blade, and he disappeared once again into the shadows. From that night forward, I felt an unyielding dedication to our Scarred King, and I know that my family will be forever grateful as well.
—Blighthorn the Wisp, a Doppelganger Scar

A shy yet merciless god (rank 15), Scrios feels an intense need to quietly and anonymously help those he feels are truly in need, and eviscerate anyone who directly violates that which he holds sacred; however, lifetimes spent in darkness compounded by extremely rare social engagement have led to slightly notable madness. Scrios' slight instability tends to muddy his beliefs and perspectives, making worship a bit difficult for followers; regardless, his adherence to his alignment and core beliefs provides a decent amount of ground for followers to understand his wishes. Furthermore, even though he will seldom interact, Scrios will pay particular attention to followers who have suffered severe tragedy or agony in their lifetime; mostly, this is because of his empathy toward such individuals as it reminds him of life as a mortal which was filled to the brim with torment. For this reason, his followers are of extremely diverse races and backgrounds; although, victims of oppression and refugees of war comprise a notable percentage of his following.

Scrios' power greatly derives from the emotional and psychological agony of others, despite his contempt for it; as such, the pain of his followers drives the god's might and permits him the motivation to act upon his guardianship tendencies. It is for this reason that Scrios is much more partial toward protecting the helpless, as their torment feeds him and increases his capability to actually make a difference. This, however, is not the god's only power source; the satisfaction of triumphing over an abuser (as well as their inevitable death at his hands) lands a massive surge to Scrios' abilities and often results in him being more active.

By his followers, Scrios is often referred to by numerous, varied titles including (but not limited to); Blind Overseer, Scarred King, Penumbra of Fangs, and the Stitch of Chaos. Enemies of Scrios, on the other hand, will frequently call him the "Broken Wing" in reference to the god's mild insanity and misleading look of frailty.

As frequently reported by those who have seen the cloak of Scrios, this design of crimson wings stitched just below his shoulders is -in most cases- the only mode of identification which separates him from the common masses of cloaked figures. Most people who offer such reports are often assumed by Scars and Fangs to be either kind-hearted or innocent of abuse, given that they were not attacked by Scrios upon his arrival.


Although preferring to remain unseen by all, Scrios will occasionally trust one being enough to unveil his true form; and very few of these trusted individuals can handle Scrios' unnerving visage at first. Beneath an all-covering black cloak, weaved with a design of crimson wings near the shoulders, lies the nearly skeletal figure of Scrios with ashen skin tinted slightly with dull red, long hair as dark as night, and scars from head to toe; standing at 7'5" tall. Having no need to use his eyes, it was decided from an early age to stitch them shut; and since then, the black thread used in the stitching has become permanently fused to his body. To add to this already unsettling appearance, Scrios' seemingly twisted smile reveals two rows of perfectly sharpened, interlocking fangs which conceal a black tongue. To all others who see Scrios, they will see only his cloak and its design.

Those unfortunate enough to enrage Scrios are treated to a more horrifying sight as his skeletal wings begin to uncurl beneath the cloak. As his wings spread, the crimson design on the cloak stretches and molds as the wings uncurl to create a 25' wingspan of flowing red and black; which hauntingly resembles blood and shadows mixing together. It also at this point that Scrios' immensely powerful greatsword is unleashed from the pitch-black cloak; this is the very blade that he has trained with throughout a high majority of his entire life, and has come to trust it as a living companion.

Scrios' divine symbol, the beloved design of Scars and Fangs as a testament of their devotion.


Followers of Scrios, referred to as "Scars" in reference to the god's scar-covered body, are never encouraged to revere Scrios as an all-powerful being; instead, it is taught that he is a quiet guardian who seeks only to provide help to the helpless, and deliver obliteration to those who would abuse or violate the helpless. This belief is held among Scars regardless of the alignment of others; however, followers are rarely reprimanded for showing slight favor toward one side over the other. Further, all Scars must never directly request the presence of Scrios -regardless of rank- as this completely contradicts the god's behavior and comfort; moreover, all followers must have a scar, tattoo, or design on clothing/weaponry of Scrios' symbol as a show of faith.

Aside from this, no official rituals are required of Scars; although, followers are encouraged to honor their god as they see fit, provided this does not violate his ideals. As time has passed, some groups of worshipers developed their own rituals which have become rooted in their own worship; such as chanting for hours without rest, burning mementos of passed hardships, sex as a celebration of being liberated from oppression, and some blind followers have stitched their eyes shut as an homage to Scrios' own stitched eyes. This freedom of worship was initially a guideline which Scrios himself taught to his first followers, and has since become so integral that it is one of the first lessons taught to new Scars.

As with most religious structures, there are a few specific restrictions among the freedoms; all of which were put in place as a result of former Scars and Fangs who violated Scrios' ideals, or as a preventative measure in order to protect worshipers and non-worshipers alike. Those aforementioned restrictions are as follows:

  • At no point are innocents or bystanders of battle to be deliberately killed; if they show hostility at any point as a result of confusion, corruption, or blatant mind-affecting spells, it is the responsibility of the Scar or Fang to either detain, dispel, or avoid them. Any innocent or bystander who is under no such influences and still shows aggression is not protected by this rule; it is then up to the Scar's/Fang's discretion.
  • The hunting of wolves -of any kind- for the purpose of sport is strictly prohibited by demand of Scrios. If, however, a wolf is to be killed for the purpose of survival, it is forgiven under the condition that respect is shown for the taken life.
  • Unless otherwise requested by Scrios himself, there are to be no artistic depictions of Scrios made aside from those which only show the back of his cloak; this is strictly the result of the god's shyness, and to assist in protecting his visual identity from enemies. Any violation of this rule will be met with immediate destruction of the depiction by either fellow Scars, Fangs, or even Scrios.
  • Celebratory gatherings must never be held in areas which will deliberately disturb either civilizations, or nature; all gatherings are free to be whole-hearted and magnificent, but never at the cost of non-worshipers' comfort. This is solely to show respect and to avoid unnecessary conflict which would cast an unfair judgement upon Scrios or his followers.
  • If a Scar or Fang comes across and abuser or oppressor and chooses to take action against them, it is to be done strategically and with as little collateral damage as possible; furthermore, it is never encouraged that a follower martyr themselves unless absolutely necessary. While the mission at hand may be vital, a life is never to be needlessly squandered.

Clergy and Gatherings[edit]

No official church of Scrios exists -by direct request from the god himself- and instead, there are wandering gatherings of members twice per month at the dead of night. These gatherings may range from one member in quiet prayer, to thousands of participants who may sing, dance, pray, and celebrate in his honor. Customary food and drinks for such celebrations include wine, mead, and meats of all kind; however, because of Scrios' respect and regard toward wolves, the consumption of wolf meat on these nights is strictly prohibited and punishable by banishment. New members are often shown some forgiveness if they commit such an offense; however, repeated instances or one committed by a higher member are shown no such lenience. Additionally, as a result of Scrios' slight madness and battle-lust, it is not unheard of for Scars and Fangs to engage in light-hearted brawls among a few members during gatherings; these brawls, however, are never to escalate into full battle for the safety of everyone involved and to protect the surrounding land.

Ladies, gentlemen, and constructs, this lovely night has truly been one to remember. I had never thought I'd see so many varieties of food and drink throughout my lifetime; yet here we all are with more than any of us -even the dwarves and orcs among us- could consume. It is with immense joy that I thank you all for being part of this event in honor of our great Scarred King. I wish all of you the best of luck and wishes going forth in the name of protecting the helpless, and smiting their abusers! For we, the Scars and Fangs of Scrios, are forever the extension of his caring hand, as well as his ravaging blade! Now, before we conclude this night, let us all once again thank the Blind Overseer and always bare in mind our purpose. Farewell!
—Thorwood Battlebeard, an Azer Fang
Shown here is the kind of forest clearing which is typically used by worshipers for their gatherings. Open, undisturbed, and isolated, it is perfect for such celebrations.

Clergy members are given the title of "Fangs", and are chosen only by Scrios himself. These members are those select few who have been trusted by Scrios to see his true form, and are expected to uphold his will by guiding all Scars to live by the god's ideal of destroying abusers of all kinds. While Fangs are designated as guides and teachers, they are not given the right to boast of superiority over Scars; this, to Scrios, would be far too similar to an expression of their being an oppressive hierarchy amongst his followers, which is intolerable. By extension, Scrios will often require a newly made Fang to endure his bite upon an area of their body of their choosing, and this is where the title of "Fang" derives. If, however, they are unable to endure this bite for one reason or another, they must venture to find a wolf's fang, pray to Scrios, and wait for him to arrive in order to have the fang blessed by his aura. This fang or bite scar becomes the symbol of the Fang's responsibility and typically becomes their most prized possession.

Mortal Life and Rise to Divinity[edit]

"Not like this... Why now? No child should be born like this..." These were the first words spoken as Milner Greyclaw -the child of a human father and a doppelganger mother- was born into a battle-torn settlement in the Shadow Plane; which, not five minutes before, had been serenely quiet in anticipation of a new baby. Having been taken by surprise, more than half of the settlement had been obliterated by the horde of beasts and overpowering spells which threatened to rend the entire plane itself asunder; included among the rubble was the mangled corpse of Milner's father. And soon after, not even his mother would survive as a large, armor-clad swordsman cleaved her in two with a single, vertical swing. The blood-soaked child was taken by these warriors and beasts -the only survivor- to an ornate castle in the Material Plane that he would call home for the next twenty three years of his life. It was here, drenched in darkness and locked in a prison cell, that the castle's twisted guards would beat and pummel Milner under the guise of "tempering him into a staunch warrior for the sake of Lord Tresad." During one such "tempering" at the age of 5 -which marked the beginning of his training as a fighter- a stone-like fist crashed into Milner's eye sockets, shattering bone and ripping his eyes to shreds; from that point on, the child could no longer see. His only consolation was a spool of black thread, a sewing needle, and the words "fix yourself up, you slime!" And so, this thread, closing the oozing wounds which spilled fluid from Milner's eyes became a cornerstone to the creation of an embodiment of pain unlike any that Tresad's Castle had ever previously witnessed.

Although technically considered a prisoner of war by Tresad, Milner was given his first greatsword and forced to endure extensive training in a varied -and seemingly illogical- mixture of disciplines; including bard, ashborn, cleric, psion, barbarian, slayer, and so many more. By the time his training completed, Milner had become ageless at the age of 20, and adapted so magnificently to being blinded that he had gained blindsight by using every available sense he retained; and although Lord Tresad had duped himself into believing that he'd created the perfect bodyguard, it was one simple encounter in the still of night which truly began Tresad's downfall.

Now at the age of 22, Milner carved his own name in the history of Tresad's kingdom as a powerhouse, sculpted from the meek flesh of a former punching bag; and was because of this that, during a routine midnight patrol around the poor territories of the kingdom, that a peasant child -a girl no older than 6- had politely tried to get Milner's attention. Despite being taught to never directly interact with commoners, an inexplicable sympathy had forced him to a stop, and listen to this child. "Momma said you were like us once, so you still kinda are," she said as a large, folded article of clothing was pulled from the stretched pouch in her ragged shirt. "Momma made this for you." Taking and unfolding what was revealed to be a black cloak of his size, Milner could vaguely distinguish a design stitched to the back and smiled to the girl; an expression which was extremely foreign to him. "What's this design here, by the shoulders?" his deep voice rumbled. Her response was simple yet powerful to him; "That's the protector's wings. It makes us safe." But before Milner could respond, heavy footsteps of Tresad's guards approached and unleashed a cruel kick which sent the child flying and crashing to the ground. Milner's grip on the cloak tightened as his other hand plunged through the guard's breastplate and into his chest, claws ripping into a dying heart. As the other guards started back to the castle in order to report this incident, Milner's blood-covered arm retreated from the guard, who immediately dropped to the ground; immediately, Milner tried to feel any tremors or hear the slightest of whispers from the child, yet her body rested motionless as a small crowd of friends and family gathered who now had yet another life to mourn. It was these people who would become his first followers. Swinging the cloak over his shoulders and hood over his head, Milner disappeared into the darkness; as the girl's voice burned into his memory, he retired to his cell. Within moments, Milner wished -for the first time in a decade- that he could still cry.

One year later, a plan had finally reached a point of action. Within that time, Milner had learned of who he truly was, how his parents had been slaughtered by Tresad's forces, and his kidnapping; all through Tresad's private library and record books, protected by the same magic he had been taught to break several times before. The night of this wretched kingdom's fall was marked by a planned hanging in the Lord's courtyard of a Doppelganger family accused of treason. Tresad felt that a midnight execution would be symbolic of their sly treachery; and indeed it was symbolic, but it was not them who would be executed. Using the sorrow, tension, and anticipation of their lynching as a distraction, Milner freed the family moments before the hangman could end their lives, and made his way to Tresad -perched on his throne which overlooked the courtyard- in an instant. The severing of Tresad's head, the smooth swing and splash of brilliant blood, was euphoric; a satisfying calm that flooded every inch of Milner's liberated body and mind as a distant wolf let loose a powerful howl as pure as darkness itself. Again, that night, it was the friends and family of Tresad's victims who would become some of his earliest worshipers.

Word spread of this "Blind Overseer" and his assassination of the very tyrant who treated him as nothing more than an abused dog. Such tales traveled as quickly as Milner himself, whose mind was compelled by the lust for bloodshed of any and all people who would compose themselves as Tresad did. Years, decades, and even centuries passed, and the praise for Milner erupted across the planes; at a staggering rate, the power and energy that coursed through his veins from their worship and agony had granted him a place among the gods. Although, through such stories, two details -his name and appearance- had remained a mystery; until one day, upon the discovery of yet another lord's body who had been slain by the fabled greatsword, the single word "Scrios" was written across the lord's bedroom wall in blood.

Home on the Plane of Shadow[edit]

Vast, engulfed in darkness, and pulsating with magic, the Shadow Plane is home to plants, animals, constructs, and hundreds of other types of creatures; and at one time, it was also home to a moderately sized settlement of war refugees, razed in a single night. The settlement's sole survivor, Milner Greyclaw, returned to the few looted remains of that conquering after 84 years since his kidnapping; it was on those shaken grounds that he began to rebuild a home he'd never known. He imagined what sort of life the inhabitants must have lived and which shelters they could construct. Three weeks of lonesome labor and maddening pain had resulted in a small, wooden house no larger than two sheds placed side by side; and it was one of the most agonizingly elated feelings that Milner had ever experienced. This home, standing in the midst of blood-stained ground, had no metal bars or abusive guards. There was only him for miles in every direction, and the solitude brought Milner to his knees; if he had been able, tears would flow down his scarred cheeks. But, lost in an oblivion of darkness, there were only the soft sobs of a free and lonely soul.

Time would prove to bode well for Milner's true home as his planar neighbors had begun to recognize his good deeds, and gladly took him in as if they would a family member; but at a distance far enough as to respect his solitude. A meal here and some supplies there, Milner felt -for the first time- that his family had not been slain by brutes; but lived on through this hospitality. Upon rising to divinity, however, Milner -now called Scrios- had been given the choice to have his very own plane on which to live; yet a spark of excitement over such an opportunity had been snuffed out by a realization that no plane -regardless of it's created devotion to him- could substitute his birthplace. Scrios decided to forgo the creation of what could have been the "Scriosian Plane" in exchange for a large portion of land in the Shadow Plane to be put into his possession and protection.

I'm not a king, nor a lord, nor an emperor. These people...they live and breathe as a whole, not as individuals; and aside from my horrid eyes, I am no different from any of them. Nor are you, my friend. This title..."deity"... it reeks of superiority and tyranny. Though, so long as I retain my power, none shall be forced under the thumb of bastards like him. You're a free creature, unbound by a ruler. So go be free as you please, I'll return soon.
—Scrios, resting on the ground between two trees with his friend; a dire wolf named Arlong

Scrios' land is primarily inhabited by his followers, although other creatures have found this area to be a highly peaceful and secure place to live due to the kindness and protection of such worshipers. Consisting largely of rough terrain and forests of blackened trees which thickens as one travels closer to Scrios' home, an abundance of creatures have created a nearly perfect food chain; with two rivers flowing on opposite sides of the territory. More than anything, these areas have transformed into an ever-shadowed kingdom with a king who refuses to wear a crown; and even has its own natural security force of wolves who protect the perimeter and alert of incoming threats.

Arlong the dire wolf, one of Scrios' only friends.

Powers and Battle Strategy[edit]

Despite his status as a divine being, Scrios uses his divine abilities as a assistance rather than as a crutch in battle; for instance, he will deliberately suppress his divine aura unless absolutely necessary in order to be more stealthy. More often than not, he will favor a quick, stealthy kill without using his blade in accordance with his shy nature; however, if an all-out battle is required, Scrios will not hesitate to unleash his wings for faster movement and use his greatsword to gain a more forceful edge. With a variety of techniques and abilities developed during his lifetime, Scrios is proficient with both quiet kills and overt destruction; using magic, sword skills, and agonizing tricks in tandem.

Power Source(s): Although standard worship does, in fact, feed his power, Scrios' primary source of strength is in the collective pain and suffering of not only his followers, but also of every other sentient being on whichever plane he is currently in regardless of their distance from him; granted, power derived from the pain of non-worshipers is much less potent. Additionally -aside from AC, hit points, speed, and skill points- his spell and combat effectiveness are largely affected by the amount of power he draws in from worship or pain at any given time; and the aspects affected by this include strength, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. However, given that agony is a well-abundant presence within most planes, Scrios' power levels are rarely threatened by starvation; on the other hand, if his sources of strength were to be deprived, he would simply become mortal again while retaining a great deal of the attributes gained during divinity.

Divine Aura: The mere presence of a deity of rank 1 or higher can deeply affect mortals and beings of lower divine rank. All divine aura effects are mind-affecting, extraordinary abilities. Mortals and other deities of lower rank can resist the aura’s effects with successful Will saves; the DC is 10 + the deity’s rank + the deity’s Charisma modifier. Deities are immune to the auras of deities of equal or lower rank. Any being who makes a successful saving throw against a deity’s aura power becomes immune to that deity’s aura power for one day. Divine aura is an emanation that extends around the deity in a radius whose size is a function of divine rank. The deity chooses the size of the radius and can change it as a free action. If the deity chooses a radius of 0 feet, its aura power effectively becomes non-functional. When two or more deities’ auras cover the same area, only the aura that belongs to the deity with the highest rank functions. If divine ranks are equal, the auras coexist. The deity can make its own worshipers, beings of its alignment, or both types of individuals immune to the effect as a free action. The immunity lasts one day or until the deity dismisses it. Once affected by an aura power, creatures remain affected as long as they remain within the aura’s radius. Scrios' aura allows him to use Fright against anyone within the given radius; meaning that they become shaken in his presence, and the slightest gesture from him causes them the become frightened.

Blindsight and Senses (Ex): Lifetimes spent blinded and almost always on a mission requires a monumental ability to cope and adapt; which Scrios did to his greatest degree. At a range of 150ft., he may use any combination of scent, tremorsense, and outstanding hearing in order to locate creatures through blindsight; regardless of whether or not the creature is hostile or friendly. He may use tremorsense out to 200ft. if the target is in the Huge category or higher.

Minor Change Shape (Su): Although his mother was a pure-blood Doppelganger, Scrios' human ancestry only allows him to alter no more than three features at a time, and to a lesser degree. Most commonly, he will use this ability to widen and distort his smile for the purpose of causing fear, create deliberate textures in his skin for a varied range of reasons, and slightly adjust his height as needed. As a result of the aforementioned limitations, Scrios will typically only use it in battle for intimidation and fear.

Wings and Flight (Su): Despite having skeletal wings grafted to his body, Scrios' ability to fly does not derive from these wings due to the fact that they cannot support his weight alone; however, he can fly at a top speed of 90ft. with perfect maneuverability. More often than not, Scrios will only unveil his wings to stretch, create wind, or to aid in intimidating opponents.

Vicious Bite (Ex): Even more terrifying than a predator's growl is the bite that is sure to follow. Upon making a successful bite attack, the target must make a Fortitude save -DC 40- or become nauseated from pain for 2d4 rounds; additionally, Scrios may choose to cause either Strength or Constitution drain if the target has become nauseated. If the save is successful, the creature only takes damage from the bite itself. Scrios can chose to alternate which ability to drain if the target fails saves on consecutive bites; furthermore, Scrios gains a temporary +1 to the chosen score for each failed save as long as the target remains within a 200ft. radius.

Blessed Bite (Ex): The greatest honor that any Scar can be given is Scrios' blessing, and his Blessed Bite is precisely that which becomes their proudest wound. Upon choosing a follower to become his clergy member (also called a Fang), Scrios will ask that person to select a body part which they will not mind having bitten. He will then perform a bite attack; but instead of inflicting more injury, the worshiper will feel a sense of calm immediately after the pain as he grants them blindsight using all senses they have available, blind-fight, flight at a speed of 60ft. with perfect maneuverability, and a direct telepathic link between the two which is not limited by distance or planar location. Scrios retains the power and freedom to temporarily cease this ability for the sake of privacy or safety.

Agony Drain (Su): Just as a regular energy drain ability, Scrios is capable -yet seldom willing- to draw in the energy from a living target who is either mortal or a fellow immortal of equal or lower rank; however, this process can only be inflicted on a victim who has recently undergone severe torture and/or emotional trauma. Given that the rush of power is intoxicating, Scrios will often forget to regulate himself; resulting in the bestowing of negative levels, and eventually the target's death.

Shadows and Illusions: After departing from Tresad's kingdom and tasting a free life, Scrios returned to his home plane and began training intensively under the conditions of the Shadow Plane; after centuries of practice, he developed the power to cast any shadow or darkness spell at will. Furthermore, as an extension of his shadow illusions, Scrios learned to cast phantasmal killer and weird; although, these illusions are susceptible to influence by his imagination and subconscious, leading to many such creations being based on wolves.

Overseer's Edge (Su): It was magic that heralded his introduction to existence and a fist that robbed him of sight, but it was a blade that set him free. Having used magic and a wide array of other techniques to preserve his beloved greatsword, Scrios has trained heavily with the terrifying blade, and focused so much energy into it that the metal itself has become a symbol of carnage. Upon being gripped by Scrios, the simple and seemingly mundane style of the greatsword transforms into an annihilating force; in addition to standard damage, a successful strike from this blade deals an extra 1d12 points of raw magical damage which is not subject to damage reduction, resistance, or immunity. Further, the extra damage stacks with consecutive hits; meaning that, if Scrios were to land another hit on the same target within the same encounter, the creature would take 2d12 points of damage, 3d12 on the third strike, and so on. Such power does become dangerous though, and if the amount of extra damage exceeds 8d12 points, Scrios will begin to take 1d12 points of raw magical damage (stacking the same way as that on the target) for each successful strike that follows.

Horrifying Laughter (Ex): One of the last things that anyone or anything wants to hear is the soul-crushing, twisted laughter of Scrios; mostly because this laughing is often a sign of his greatest stage of anger. As a standard action, any creature within a radius of 100ft. who can hear Scrios' laughing must make a Fortitude save -DC 35- or cower for 1d6 rounds, then become shaken for 2d6 rounds afterward; if the save is successful, the creature becomes shaken for 1d8 rounds. Any creature that is unable to hear this laughter or is out of range is unaffected.

The remains of once-great (yet highly oppressive) kingdom which had been ravaged by the Wrath of the Scarred King, ruins which now serve as worship grounds.

Wrath of the Scarred King (Ex): Even though Scrios prefers anonymity and quiet kills, every person and creature has its limits. If Scrios is at a point of absolute rage while in the midst of battle, he will enter a "Wrath" state. While he is under the effects of Wrath, the following effects take place:

  • He adds his Dex, Int, and Cha modifiers to all melee attack rolls in addition to the normal Str modifier
  • He adds all ability modifiers to his AC and saving throws in addition to all other modifiers
  • He adds his Str modifier to his Intimidate, Escape Artist, Listen, and Tumble checks; furthermore, he adds a x3 Str bonus to all damage rolls
  • His base land and flight speeds double
  • All land within a 120ft. radius of Scrios is considered difficult terrain; also, all flying creatures within the same radius plummet to the ground with no save, taking appropriate falling damage
  • He gains immunity from all types of magical energy -fire, cold, electricity, acid, and sonic-
  • He gains regeneration and his damage reduction is doubled.
  • All creatures within a 90ft. radius of Scrios enter the most severe state of confusion as long as they remain within range; there is no save

Scrios may remain in Wrath indefinitely and may choose to end it as a free action at any time; however, Scrios takes 100d12 points of damage for every hour (rounded up) that he remains in this state. And upon ending Wrath, he must retreat to his home in the Shadow Plane as quickly as possible to recover; this recovery process takes no less than 1 month to complete. If he cannot retreat and return home within 12 hours after, he will suffer one negative level per hour of the recently ended Wrath's duration.


Regardless of the situation, Scrios' instincts of self-preservation are frighteningly low, frequently causing recklessness in all-out battle, as well as his susceptibility to distraction during an encounter; furthermore, his battlefield reputation, tendency toward solitude, and abysmal social skills have led to the making of numerous allies and nemeses among the ranks of mortals and fellow deities alike.

In Battle[edit]

  • At any time that battle is necessary, Scrios will fight with every ounce of spirit he has at his disposal; however, due to his history with helplessness, he will seldom stop in order to heal or recover. Although this is often a boon, it can very well be exploited in battle
  • Compounded by self-preservation issues, Scrios' protective instincts for others who he feels need protecting are so powerful that some view it as sheer insanity. If an innocent person is in danger during battle, Scrios will deliberately turn his back on a current opponent to protect the innocent. Such a distracting urge can eventually end in his undoing if utilized by an exceedingly skilled attacker.
  • As mentioned in the "Wrath of the Scarred King" power, Scrios must retreat and recover; however, the denial of retreat after deactivating Wrath could inevitably end in his demise. On the other hand, avoiding capture is top priority in such an instance, making a successful entrapment painfully difficult to accomplish.
  • Scrios' near dependence upon the suffering of a plane's inhabitants in order to fuel his power is unlikely to ever run dry; however, if he is forcibly transported to a plane which has little to no inhabitants, he must depend upon the worship of followers for survival. While this does leave him with some strength, his power would be greatly diminished to a point of threatening vulnerability.


  • In terms of social interactions with other deities, Scrios' history is highly varied. In one instance, the greater deity Pelor approached him with admiration for his generally good deeds, ravaging of abusers, and lack of boasting about his powers; although Pelor did attempt to sway Scrios toward a sort of partnership, which sparked an apprehensive rejection due to Pelor's praise of the sun and Scrios' attachment to darkness. This encounter ended with Pelor becoming an uneasy acquaintance instead of a valuable ally.
  • In other cases, Scrios has made powerful enemies, such as with the greater deity Nerull. Upon slaughtering another tyrant and his army, Scrios was approached by Nerull in an attempt to forge a partnership. Having known of Nerull's adherence to indiscriminate murder for the sake of personal gain, Scrios howled "Murderer!" and slashed at Nerull; although no battle ensued, an intense hatred of one another developed between the two.
  • Inevitably, with a mission of exterminating abusers, Scrios was bound to make a plethora of mortal enemies as well; added on top of his pattern of disappearing after each successful kill, a huge number of mortal connections to his targets have put bounties on his head several times.
  • Due to mild insanity, Scrios will sometimes forget that he is engaged in conversation, mostly resulting in sudden, inexplicable banter with himself; sometimes, he will even stop speaking all together and simply depart. In very rare cases, he has thrown a nearby object in a fit of rage, but has never seemed to want to intentionally harm anyone during such an outburst.

Homage to the Stitch of Chaos[edit]

Scars and Fangs of Scrios are of diverse backgrounds and capabilities, all devoted to their god and his values. Some of these individuals choose to express their praise through unorthodox rituals or ceremonies, but others enjoy paying homage to Scrios through the time-honored practice of fantastical storytelling of magnificent proportions. The following was a story told around a fire during one of the worshipers' ceremonial gatherings:

It was a siege unlike anythin' they'd ever seen! All around, beasts of all sizes an' warriors of all types were poundin' at the gates of that blasted stronghold; slashin', gnawin', roarin' like never before! You see, that castle had somethin' in it that no mortal should ever be so foolish to take; the damned fools made the mistake of gettin' their hands on the Scarred King's sword. An' the army outside? Well of course, they wanted that power too. So for hours and even days, battle filled every breath to no avail; but one day the castle's king had enough of the squabble. He takes a long look at that wondrous blade an' takes it up. He notices that nothin' mystical happens an' it seems like just another war tool, but it didn't matter to 'im anymore. 'Is "precious" kingdom was under attack. Without another thought, the fool rushes into the battlefield, swingin' wildly. Nearly kills 'imself in the process too, the idiot. But he makes no progress, the army is just too strong.

While all this carnage ensues, Scrios is standin' at the edge of the king's property, watchin' all these power-hungry ingrates fight over a weapon that none of 'em can even wield properly. But soon enough, one little grunt -a kobold- sees our Overseer an' alerts the whole battleground. "He's here!" the kobold screams, "eastern edge, there he is!" So of course, they all charge. The army, the castle guards, all of 'em stampede, thinkin' they even stand a chance.

Now here's where this story gets fun. Scrios' got hundreds of enemies comin' right at 'im, weapons drawn an' ready to strike. But he's angry. More than they ever could've thought. All of a sudden, once they all start gettin' close, a whole lot of 'em fall, can't move too well, an' even the fliers are crashin' to the ground. None of 'em know what's goin' on, but they push on; an' just when they think there's a shot, all the vanguard warriors start turnin' on each other. Then soon enough, when a bunch of 'em get too close, they start fightin' again too; but now it's even allies who're at each other's throats. None of the morons realize what's goin' on; Scrios starts walkin' toward the warrin' mob, causin' more of 'em to just go crazy on one another. It was 'is confusion ability.

It's all too late for 'em now though. Our Overseer gets in range an' lunges, rippin' at soldiers an' beasts like nothin'; claws an' fangs tearin' the mob to shreds. But he doesn't kill a lot of 'em, just incapacitates 'em. Now you kids might not understand yet, but Scrios doesn't just kill everyone. No, a lot 'em were just honest warriors fightin' 'cause they were told to. So while they're all distracted, Scrios' makin' his way to that damned king at the center of it all. Now, this guy was one of the worst tyrants you'd ever see. Nasty, vicious, an' willin' to kill a child to get 'is way. You all know where this is goin' now, huh? The Overseer can't have filth like 'im walkin' around; so in flash, the king's blood erupts everywhere, sprayin' anyone in range as 'is head gets torn right from between 'is shoulders. Scrios takes up 'is blade from the corpse an' disappears, leavin' everyone on the battlefield bewildered an' angry. An' that, my friends, is the battle I witnessed that made me a devotee to our Scarred King.

—Carter Alstead, Human Scar and one of the first to witness Wrath

Nemeses and On-Going Battles[edit]

Gruumsh and Nerull, the temporary alliance members who adamantly waged a pseudo-war against Scrios at Nerull's request.

Gruumsh and Nerull[edit]

Following to their aggravated first encounter, both Scrios and Nerull feuded relentlessly for nearly a century; Scars and Fangs were targeted by Nerull's worshipers, along with Scrios incessantly slaughtering almost every would-be crusader of Nerull's who dared to attempt such attacks. Upon reaching the 94th anniversary of their initial encounter, both Scrios and Nerull had built frustrations so great that a large portion of the Material Plane had undergone thorough preparations for an endless war between these two unwavering deities; and if not for Scrios unleashing Wrath and coming unbelievably close to shredding Nerull to ribbons after Nerull's followers spilled the blood of an entire orphanage, a war would have been inevitable. However, after Scrios' assault, Nerull sought help from the orcish deity Gruumsh, who himself had run into difficulty with the Scarred King as several of Gruumsh's clergymen had been mercilessly killed by Scrios; in addition to disputes over land in the Shadow Plane. As a result, Gruumsh needed no more than a moment to accept Nerull's alliance, but only for the purpose of combating Scrios.

All was at ease in Scrios' domain in the Plane of Shadow during week-long negotiations between his nemeses; as he rested silently within the confines of a deceptively fortified cottage, Scrios nearly became aggravated as a meek knock at the door broke his silent serenity. Recognizing the labored breathing of one of his followers, Scrios opened his door and was immediately struck by the smell of sweat, blood, and battle. This follower, a centaur courier, reported sightings of massive, heavily-equipped forces poised to invade a small collection of disgraced elven villages along the western river. "Gruumsh?" Scrios rumbled. The courier nodded but added "Overseer, our scouts spotted greater numbers than usual, and warriors baring the mark of Nerull." A twinge of panic pierced Scrios' chest as he slammed his door and gave orders to the tired Scar. After swiftly gathering the strongest of the plane's forces who swore loyalty to him, Scrios raced desperately to the river; upon arrival, an enraging scene revealed itself. The ground rumbled as a medium-sized army trampled the plane's blackened grounds and began to ravage a bordering village which had not been under Scrios' protection. However, standing on the opposite side of the rushing water stood Gruumsh -his imposing figure silhouetted by flames and his stench soiling the air. "So glad you could join us, Broken Wing, on the day we shall mark as a celebration of your death in years to come. You can feel their suffering, can you not? Yet there you stand, unflinching because they are not your chosen 'Scars'? And they call me a brute." proclaimed the One-Eyed God. Despite his instinct that a trap awaited on the other side, Scrios unleashed his skeletal wings and dashed forward, greatword in hand, toward Gruumsh; as his target drew closer, Scrios barely had time to dodge as Nerull's scythe rushed passed his neck from above. Veering off in order to avoid the ambushed, Scrios flew directly into the fray of battle, defending a village of people which had never before been victimized due to his own personal battles. For a moment, a vague memory flashed through his mind of a similar attack centuries before.

Having been focused on attacking the Blind Overseer, Gruumsh and Nerull's troops came nowhere near invading Scrios' territory; and those who unwittingly wandered in during the heat of battle were immediately dispatched by those Scars and Fangs who were ordered not to interfere in the primary skirmish. As dust, ash, and lingering magic settled around the Stitch of Chaos, who fell to one knee while surrounded by hordes of corpses, both evil deities cautiously, yet confidently approached. "Well done, slaughterer," Nerull whispered with a sadistic smile, "how can you be sure that all of those men, woman, and creatures truly deserved to die? Were they all tormentors and tyrants, or, perhaps, were they nothing more than puppets? The victims which you so adamantly claim to defend." A distinct trembling shook Scrios' gut and he roared as he did during his time as Lord Tresad's helpless slave; a renewed vigor sprouted, grew, and ascended into howling laughter that poured from Scrios' throat. Neither Nerull nor Gruumsh could resist shaking as his horrid laughing caused all surrounding people and creatures to flee; Nerull himself had recognized this sort of sign all too well given their prior encounters and tried to turn for an escape, but his arm was caught by the equally-unnerved One-Eye. Before Nerull could attempt to persuade Gruumsh to flee, Scrios' laughter stopped and growling words punctured any hope the two had about destroying his resolve.

"Nerull, the 'Foe of All Good,' and Gruumsh, 'He Who Never Sleeps.' You've both intruded upon this plane in the hopes of degrading, or even destroying me; to create a day on which you could celebrate my death. Is that how you phrased it, Gruumsh?... Regardless, your psions, dreadnoughts, and emissaries deserved no mercy, for they all served gods who stand for everything I loathe! So now, while you ordered them to die in your stead, there stands yet another reason for my blade to sever your souls!... Leave, you damned, vile, accursed, sorry excuses for gods!"

In the short, fleeting moments that passed, everything around the three deities felt as if it had frozen in hostile time. Had he not been consumed by aggression, Scrios may have noticed that he had been clawing at the ground in a feral stance, growling with each word, gradually encircling his targets; although, before he had the opportunity to strike, an arrow passed between them which had been fired from a lightly armored wood elf near the smoldering villages. In a spark of clarity, Scrios recalled that those encampments had recently come under the protection of Corellon Larethian -a greater elven deity- who stood in front of an massive force of elves, all prepared for battle. Without having to check, Gruumsh suddenly had the distinct impression that his hidden reinforcements were no longer alive. Corellon looked to Scrios and expressed sincere gratitude for his success in protecting the villagers, despite the destruction of their homes; without another word, the elves descended upon Grummsh and Nerull with the aid of the now colossal assembly of Scars and Fangs who gathered along the river's banks.

After this clash, both Nerull and Gruumsh became much more cautious about any form of attack on Scrios, and eventually began to resent one another, leading to the end of their temporary alliance; no longer having aid from one another, both deities slowly lost interest in warring with the Blind Overseer, but never released their deep-seeded grudges. Regardless of their interactions, however, the Scars and Fangs continued to combat Gruumsh and Nerull's followers across the planes with intensity that rivaled that of Scrios himself.

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