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A symbol found on many Scrin structures and craft

Throughout the history of Vasuda, few (if any) had ever imagined that the skies of the Material Plane were alive. Irrefutable proof came with the invasion of the Scrin, a technologically advanced species from the stars. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Vasuda, the Scrin are not peaceful

  • Members' Nicknames: Visitors; Invaders
  • Founded: Unknown
  • Goals: Unknown/Tiberium Harvesting/Conquest
  • Military Doctrine: Air Superiority
  • Technological Capacity: Incredibly Advanced; Capable of Space Travel
  • Battle Cry: Unknown/Not Applicable


Very little is understood about the Scrin, and even less is known about their history. The first time they had ever been seen was during the Invasion, in 1435. However, recent study of the Tacitus has revealed vague hints towards the Invaders' existence.


The Scrin seem dependent on the substance, regenerating while exposed to even moderate amounts of TREM, and incorporating it into many aspects of their technology. Shortly after having defeated all organized Vasudan resistance, the Scrin began to deploy devices which expanded the growth of Tiberium, and constructed the Threshold towers. The Scrin are believed to have been harvesting the Tiberium, and transporting it to their home.

Military Doctrine[edit]

The invasion of the Scrin was swift, with ships deploying in almost every Red Zone on Vasuda. The ships carried a large amount of land soldiers and aircraft, which quickly overwhelmed any opposition. During the years of occupation, the Scrin aircraft patrolled the skies over ruined cities, while land forces were mostly concentrated near harvesting operations. Beyond these observations, little is known how the Scrin operate, or how they would fight an equally powerful foe.

Technological Capacity[edit]

As the Scrin are highly dependent on Tiberium, they incorporate no magic into their technology. All of their devices are mundane, or non-magical. However, their equipment often creates effects that equal, and even surpass what can be done with magic. Anti-gravity, planetary scans, high-power disintegration; the Scrin can accomplish all of this and more, without any vulnerability to effects that dispel magic.

DM's Note[edit]

What if I used the "Psionics are Different" rule in my world?

The Scrin ought to be highly based on mundane technology, though at the DM's option, they can also incorporate Psionics, provided you use the "Psionics are Different" rule for Tiberium.


Since the destruction of the Scrin's Mothership disabled the Invader's land forces, many suspect that the aliens are a Hive-mind, with a central caste directing the rest of the species. However, nothing is known for certain.

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