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The scrap airplane has the only distinguishing factor that it is the first Airplane in all of the wasteland to be built after The Great War, beyond that this put together aircraft boasts no other accomplishments except perhaps the fact that it can remarcably fly. The Aircraft has to propeller engines Located on the wings with missing patches of metal replaced by road signs and even wood. The two Engines are powered by four fusion cores,two in each engine. The wings connect at the top of the Fuselage which appears to be a repurposed school bus which can somehow stay pressurized. The tail of a vertibird can be seen attached to the back of the bus however the rudder appears to be altered to be bigger as well as the tail elevators. Finally all of these mechanics and components are surprisingly connected to what appears to be a Jet Planes nose/Cockpit were the pilots reside. The output of the engines can have the aircraft at a constant speed of three hundred MPH while on the ground, However whilst in the air due to the planes weight the Plane drops ints max speed to one hundred and ninety MPH. Due to the airplane being made mostly out of salvage, maintenance is almost a constant on the plane sometimes needing to be done mid-flight. But somehow none of this has deterred people from flying it as well as building copies as most of the parts are readily available.

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Scrap Airplane
Crew 2
Pass 20 medium, 10 large
Cargo Large spacing available for cargo, 1 ton
Init. +0
Maneuver +1
Top Speed Fly 3420 ft (about 190mph)
Defense 11
Hardness 14
Hit Points 130
Size H
Fuel Cap 4 Fusion Cores
Gas Mileage 4
Price 120 TU/1200 Caps
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