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Price: 100 gp x bonus
Body Slot: — (Eye)
Caster Level: 1st
Aura: None
Activation: Immediate
Weight: 1 lb.

The Scouter is a skill enhancement item that gives a bonus to the sense motive check "Assess Opponent".

This item can be used as an immediate action, however it can only be used once per turn.

The CR for using a scouter is equal to the creature's challenge rating +10 (a CR lower than one is treated as 1)

A scouter costs 100 GP for every competence bonus modifier it gives to the user. A scouter is worn over the user's eye, and the user can only have one scouter on at a time.

In order to use the scouter the user must have a clear line of sight to the opponent and at least one rank in the sense motive skill/a wisdom modifier of +2.

A scouter gives a number equal to the creature's challenge rating x 500.

The user of the scouter if he scouts any of his friends or himself is given a number equal to their ECL-4 times 500. (E.g If a cleric scouts a level 10 wizard the wizard's power level is read as 3000. While if the same cleric scouts a Titan (CR 21) the Titan's power level is read as 10500.

DM Note : The reason that a PC's power level reads lower than that of his NPC counterparts is because it makes little sense for a level 20 fighter to have the same power level as the tarrasque in a one-on-one fight the tarrasque will almost always win. I decided that since there are 4 PC's their group power level is treated as 4 levels higher (For example a group of 4 level 6 NPCs would be treated as encounter level 10) therefore a PC's power level is read as 4 lower than his ECL.

If a character using the scouter has a clear line of vision to more than one enemy he can attempt to scout every enemy with a -1 penalty for each addition enemy. The scouter gives a number equal to the Encounter Level x 500. (For example 4 CR 8 creatures scouted successfully would read as a power level of 6000)

If a character using a scouter fails his check there is a 50% chance that it reads too high and a 50% chance that it reads too low. The creature's challenge rating is treated as if it were higher or lower up to by not exceeding the amount that the check failed by. (E.g If a character fails to scout a CR 20 creature by 5, it will either read as a creature with a challenge rating ranging from 15 to 25. (Roll a d(amount check failed by) to determine the difference)

Special: Monks can use scouters even if their wisdom score is too low, and they lack the sense motive ranks. However they take a -2 penalty when using it.

A scouter even though it is magic, is resistant to anti-magic effects due to the low levels of magic it uses. However when uses in an anti-magic area the user takes a -2 penalty.

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