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Scourge of Falseflame
Size/Type: Gargantuan Magical Beast (Augmented Quadruped, Evil, Chaotic)
Hit Dice: 70d10+10000 (10600 hp)
Initiative: +50
Speed: 300 ft (60 squares), fly speed 1000 ft (perfect)
Armor Class: 103 (-4 size,+50 natural, +30 dex, +27 insight), touch 73, flat-footed 73
Base Attack/Grapple: +140/+172
Attack: front claws +67 melee (10d6+23/16-20) or breath weapon +30 ranged (70d4/19-20)
Full Attack: front claws +67 melee (10d6+23/16-20) and bite (23d6+12/19-20) or 2 breath weapons +14 ranged (70d4/19-20) or front claws +86 melee (10d6+23/16-20) and breath weapon (70d4/19-20)
Space/Reach: 20ft/20ft
Special Attacks: Rend, Energy Drain, Breath Attack, Shatter Bolt, Back to Entropy
Special Qualities: Darkvision and Tremorsense 500ft, DR 200/epic and 10/-, SR 130, Escape Bolt, Improved Evasion, Sacrifice, Transfer, Blockade, Weakening
Saves: Fort 152, Ref 134, Will 193
Abilities: Str 112, Dex 97, Con 76, Int 56, Wis 56, Cha 56
Skills: Psicraft +139, Spellcraft +139, Jump +120, Tumble +120, Search +120, Hide +120, Bluff +120
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Epic Dodge, Power Attack, Ultimate Attack, Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Strike, Ultimate Whirlwind Strike, Dire Charge, Improved Initiative, Polyglot
Environment: Mountainous areas, especially around Mountain Falseflame
Organization: Solitary, Duo, Squad (4 Scourges with 6-10 epic monsters), or Approach (10-30 scourges)
Challenge Rating: 70
Treasure: quadruple the standard
Alignment: always chaotic evil
Advancement: 70-100 HD (Gargantuan), 100-200 HD (Colossal)
Level Adjustment: -
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More information...

Lord Falseflame, the last lord of Mount Falseflame, was trying to escape from some beasts attacking the city. It looked like he made it, but just then, the air started to blow as one of these beasts flew up behind him. The beast leaped onto the ground, retracted its wings, and leaped upon Lord Falseflame, but he saw it coming. He leaped out of the way high into the air. Just then, another charged at him from the air, flying at top speed. Lord Falseflame then closed his eyes as the beast shot a blue bolt at him. He then felt his life leave him. There was nothing left, only the shattered remains of Lord Falseflame, just as if he was a clay vase

These were the Scourges of falseflame. These beasts are some of the most horrifying, sadistic, and destructive beasts on the Material Plane. The first beast was discovered by the spike lords, who made the mistake of letting it go because it was peaceful and harmless. Uncontrolled, these beasts spawned and spawned, until they were all slain except for the epic few. The few also spawned, and then set out to wreak havoc onto the world. Their name comes from the mountain where they were born on. These beasts were born without wings, but they grew a pair of dragon-like wings as time moved on. The speeds at which they fly and run are phenomenal. But their assault powers are their main horror. They can take out the most powerful enemy with their attacks, and they are said to be able to take out even any kind of deity.


The scourges of falseflame are overly aggressive. If the beast sees any creature in the radius of its tremorsense or sight, it will leap out and rush toward the creature. As soon as it reaches the creature, it will mercilessly slaughter it with repeated attacks of its breath, claw, and bite. If all of these fail, a shatter bolt would do the thing. If the creature escapes the attack, then, the scourge would start scouring the entire world until that creature is found and slain.

  • Rend(ex): If the scourge of falseflame succeeds on a full claw attack, it latches on the body and rips it apart. The target must succeed on a DC 78 Fortitude check or die instantly from the massive pain. If he makes the check, he loses 3 random limbs and is instantly at -1 HP.
  • Energy Drain (su): The scourge of falseflame has very potent life draining attacks. If it hits with any of its breath attacks, the target also gains 2d4 negative levels. The levels can be removed with only a DC 120 Will check.
  • Breath Attack (ex): The scourge can emit a 120-ft cone as its breath attack. If the attack hits, the target, as well as damage, loses 2d4 points in all of his abilites. This effect is temporary, but 1 point is subtracted from a random stat permanently (DM's choice)
  • Shatter Bolt (Su): Every 3d4 rounds, the scourge of falseflame can rear up and fire a bolt of piercing cold from its mouth. The target must make a DC 95 Fortitude save to avoid dying from the extreme cold. If the save is successful, the target instead takes 12d12 cold damage. If the creature fails the save, it's body shatters like if it was a clay object subjected to a shatter spell.
  • Back To Entropy (ex): This epic attack may only be used once per day. The scourge of falseflame, seeing that all his attacks have failed, releases a destructive tremor in a 1000-foot radius that turns any creature caught within to dust (no save). The creatures can be resurrected. But the scourge of falseflame must then hibernate for 5d6 centuries or die instantly, turned to dust by its own attack.
  • Darkvision and Tremorsense: Since the Scourge of Falseflame has 3 pairs of dark-sensitive eyes, he gains a darkvision sight equal to 500 ft. He also gains tremorsense for his body is attuned with nature very well.
  • Damage Resistance: The scourge of falseflame has a hide harder than any hide ever known. Automatically subtract 200 damage from damage dealt by a non-epic weapon. After that subtract 10 damage from any weapon that bypasses the resistance.
  • Spell Resistance: The skin also wards the scourge of falseflame from spells. It gives him a spell resistance of 130.
  • Escape Bolt (ex): The scourge of falseflame, when under some circumstances, creates a smoke cloud surrounding the dangerous party or object that blocks all eyesight that cannot be dispelled. It goes away after after 2d6 minutes. Also, the scourge of falseflame has to flee as if it was panicked from the cloud.
  • Sacrifice (Su): the scourge of falseflame sacrifices HP to give it ultimate power. The scourge of falseflame sacrifices half of its HP to raise all its stats to 300. This effect lasts for a round/100 HP sacrificed. This cannot be dispelled.
  • Transfer (Su): The scourge of falseflame can teleport into any of the planes, and into any of the locations within them. This can be used only once per day.
  • Blockade (Ex): The scourge of falseflame has an anti-magic field, an anti-psionic field and a dimensional anchor spell surrounding it in a 50-ft radius. The spells are permanent, and the scourge of falseflame doesn't fall prey to them.
  • Weakening (Ex): If any major artifact is close to the scourge of falseflame, the scourge must roll against DC 140 or fall into a catatonic sleep for 5d6 years. During that period, it is helpless, and cannot be woken up by any means.

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