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Scion of the Abyss IN WORK [Abyssal Heritor]

Well, sometimes demons lords lose track of their spawn, like you... and oh are you a chip off the old block
Prerequisite: List
  • Backstory with less than three generations from a Demon Lord of the Abyss, i.e. the great granddaughter/granddaughter/daughter of the Pale Night,
  • Level 9, at least one relevant (to the Demon Load in question) stat at 20 (i.e. CHA for Graz'zt, CON for Zuggtmoy)
  • Cambion, Half-Fiend, Fiend Descended, Alu Fiend etc.
  • An Abyssal Heritor Feat, Abyssal Heritor Feat
Benefit: Scion of:
  • Baphomet (CON): You have the Natural Cunning of a Minotaur (MM 189)
  • Dagon (INT): You gain the amphibious trait (breath air and water) and are proficient in Knowledge Arcana as a class skill with +10 ranks.

"Grand daddy's been telling you secrets in your sleep"

  • Demogorgon (INT): You have a twin soul... it doesn't always like you, but sometime you can act twice as often because it takes the wheel...

~Every combat round, roll 1d6... on a 6 you get 2 full actions... but remember... you only have one mouth and have to share (cannot cast two spells, but could some how cast and shoot a bow or make a malee attack...)

  • Fraz-Urb'luu (CHA or INT): Bluff and Forgery are fine tools of your trade, you gain +10 to each
  • Graz'zt (CHA): Your affinity for shadows gives you Perfect Darksight (you can see through darkness of any sort, even if it is magical in nature, as if under normal daylight) and gain telepathy to 100'
  • Juiblex (CON): Like your ooze brethren, you can squeeze through the smallest of spaces... you only look like you have bones. (hole 1" square and you can get through) You are also suddenly in the possession of blind sight (60')

"I think I'm gonna throw up... I just saw Tarik squeeze through a hole and it was the most disgusting thing I think I've ever seen" -Pash'ti, Elvish Rogue

  • Kostchtchie (STR): While not the most powerful of ancestors... he still comes with quite the growth spurt. You can enlarge yourself at will... too bad it always turns you yellow...
  • Lolth (INT or CHA): You gain the ability to transform into a spider, and can spider climb at will (regardless of form)
  • Malcanthet (CHA):
  • Obox-ob:
  • Orcus:
  • Pale Night (WIS): Your relationship is strong, you have true seeing to 60' and gain telepathy to 100'
  • Pazuzu:
  • Sess'Innek:
  • Yeenoghu:
  • Zuggtmoy (CON):
Normal: You are just a normal demon spawn... and not as powerful..
Special: Cost by progenitor:
  • Baphomet (CON): You gain the racial hate of all Gnolls... you don't necessarily know why you hate them, you just do!
  • Dagon (INT): You need twice as much water to survive as any normal character of your size and base race. Deserts are not your friend!
  • Demogorgon (INT): For every extra action you get, the cost is steep. Your twined soul hates you, the next time you roll a 1 on the d6, the extra action must be detrimental to your goals. (If you roll 6, 6, 1 and then 1, the detrimental effect happens only once. They don't stack.) They don't do anything to get you killed, but they may walk you out of the fight you were just getting positioned for.
  • Fraz-Urb'luu (CHA or INT):
  • Graz'zt (CHA): It is great to see through shadows, but your depth perception is shot in low and regular light. Make a DC 18 will save to not have a -4 to hit ranged targets.
  • Juiblex (CON):
  • Kostchtchie (STR): ...and leaves you yellow for 10 mins, giving a -2 to intimidation as you look jaundiced to the untrained eye.
  • Lolth (INT or CHA): For one round after using the spider climb ability, stuff just stays stuck to your hands... and maybe lay off eating those stray flies?
  • Malcanthet (CHA):
  • Obox-ob:
  • Orcus:
  • Pale Night (WIS): Be careful what you look at, spells that depend on you seeing them are extra effective on you (-4 to the save) and you have to make a bluff check (DC 20) to not react to what you see.

"That's not a boat... seriously! Do not get in the... nevermind" -Talia, Spawn of the Pale Night, shortly before the party got into the "small boat" conveniently placed on the shore of a island in undermountain

  • Pazuzu:
  • Sess'Innek:
  • Yeenoghu:
  • Zuggtmoy (CON):

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