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Scion of Legend [Character Creation]

The stories you grew up on now aid you as you go out to adventure.
Prerequisite: 1st level only.
Benefit: This feat functions in a similar manner to bardic knowledge.

Your parent (or, if your character is an orphan, you may substitute a close relation or guardian) was a legendary adventurer in their time, traveling all across the known world and possibly even beyond it. As a child, every night was filled with tales of exotic and far-away places, people, and monsters. You listened to them with wide-eyed attention, wonder and awe.

Now, as you undertake your own adventures, sometimes flashes of these stories come back to you, giving you tidbits of knowledge about all manner of things.

To try and recall anything about a given subject, place or creature, roll a d20 and add your total Class Levels plus your Intelligence modifier. The DM may opt to make this roll for you in secret as the situation warrants. You cannot take 10 or 20 on this check. Retries are likewise prohibited, as the check represents your character remembering fragments of random knowledge and trivia. The DM may also opt to have the Scion "sleep on it" whereby knowledge may not be immediately recalled, but come to the Scion later on.

It should be noted that memory is a tricky thing. While good rolls may yield some results and bad rolls yielding no memories at all, some rolls may result in mixed-up memories. "It's okay, guys, I'm pretty sure my dad told me once that charnel hounds won't attack you if you don't make eye contact..."
Special: The DM may require the player to create a history or backstory for the famous relative. If a character with this feat also has the bardic knowledge class feature, they may make only one roll on any given subject, either bardic knowledge or Scion of Legend.

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