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Science [General, Wizard][edit]

In a world where religion and magic dictate the laws and facts that the world lives by, you rebel against such primitive practices and swear by a revolutionary idea... science.
Prerequisite: 1st level, Intelligence 15+, Diligent, 4+ ranks in Knowledge (Science)
Benefit: Your grasp of basic scientific concepts and simple knowledge of many different things grants you a +2 on all craft checks, and your understanding of the radical concept of "Germ Theory" (along with proper nutrition) allows you to use your Intelligence modifier in place of your Constitution modifier for the purpose of receiving hit points.
Special: Unfortunately, the church frowns upon such new ways of thinking as it contradicts their own. You receive a -4 on all charisma checks made with religious NPCs and they are initially going to be unfriendly. The party Cleric and/ or Paladin may also manifest this penalty. This feat may be selected as a Wizard bonus feat, regardless of level.

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