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Scaling Races[edit]


LA sucks hard, everyone knows it. LA is necessary, everyone tolerates it. But the times we had no other alternative are over. Here is my LA slayer: scaling races. A way to balance every race to the same level. In fact, this variant can be used to tone down more powerful races, and allow weaker races to keep up. You can't give powerful late-game stuff to an elf since it would break game balance. But with the scaling races variant benefit comes over HD. Want a race with teleportation abilities? want it LA 0? A while ago it would have been impossible (unless you add some ridiculous drawback) but now you can give this race its teleportaion ability scaled over level.


Races gain additional benefit when gaining class level or Racial HD. These HD must be permanent.

Core Races blessed with the System[edit]

Races with scaling system[edit]

System depending on Scaling Races Variant[edit]

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