Saving the mayor's daughter! (4e Quest)

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  • Anything that has a star or asterisk next to it is a description. DMs should read this to their players.
  • Anything with a name followed by a colon is the name of a person and them saying something. DMs should read this to their players.
  • Anything that is bolded and italicized means it is for DMs ONLY!! Do not read this content to the players.

Saving the Mayor's Daughter[edit]

  • You arrive in the town of Calamus. You can see many homes, inns, general stores, guilds (including a fighter's guild, and a mage's guild), stalls, and churches (Kord, Ioun, Lolth). There is the Mayor's mansion, the blacksmith's shop, the jeweler's shop, and the jail. By the Mayor's house, you can see a large empty area with a raised platform, most likely used by the Mayor to give speeches.
  • After a few minutes, you notice a finely dressed man who appears on the raised platform. He begins to speak:

    Sandor: "Attention civilians of Calamus! It is me, Sandor. I bring a message from Mayor Valodec.. The message is as follows..."
    "Dear civilians of Calamus, last night, a terrible thing had happened. My daughter, Mizzurah, was kidnapped. We don't know who has taken her, but my son, Balthazar, has already left town searching for her. He has not come back yet, and so I fear that he may have been captured or worse. I need a group of people to go out and search for my daughter and son. Please see Ulnar at the front gate to my house if you are interested. Thank you.
  • After the message is finished, Sandor steps down and goes toward the Mayor's mansion.
  • Only read next part if the party goes to the front gate
  • You arrive at the front gate to the mayors mansion. The gate is closed and there is only one guard standing there. You can tell that this must be Ulnar.
  • Ulnar: "Halt! State your purpose for coming to the mayor's gate." If the party talks about the mission, then read the following line: Ulnar: "Oh, then right this way."
  • Ulnar leads you into the mansion

In the mansion[edit]

  • You enter the mansion and Ulnar leads you past a few rooms. Eventually you come to a big room. You see Mayor Valodec sitting in a chair with his hands over his face.*

Ulnar: "Sir, you have visitors that are interested in finding your daughter and son."

  • Mayor Valodec takes his hands off his face, and stands up.*

Mayor Valodec: "So you are interested with my little mission?"

  • Party says yes, read next line.

Mayor Valodec: "Splendid! Ok... My daughter was taken in the middle of the night while we were all asleep. We have no clue who took her. My son left early in the morning to find her, he hasn't returned... I want you guys to find my son and daughter and bring them back. If you do the job, I will reward you for your services."

  • Reward is 500 gold per person, and 1 magic item per person. Magic item is randomly rolled. If they accept, read next line.

Mayor Valodec: "thank you" "please let me show you to her room, maybe you will find something."

  • you enter the daughters room. The place is trashed, the bed shows signs of struggle. The window is open. There is trash everywhere on the floor.*
  • If the party searches, roll 1d6 per person. On a roll of 1, they find a dagger in the bed. Only read next line if party finds the dagger.

You find a dagger in the bed. This dagger has the sign of a spider with a snake and a lockpick crossing the spider.* they will need the dagger later!

Back in town, Beginning the search[edit]

If the players search the town, roll 1d6. If it comes up a 1-3 then they end up at a dead end with trees surrounding and there is only a manhole. If they find this place read next line.

  • this are is just a circle of pavement, some trees, and a manhole leading to the sewers.

If players open manhole, there is a ladder going down. Read next line.

  • you go down into the sewers.


  • you are now in the sewers

There is only one way to go, forward. The path curves left and there is a dead end. At the wall of the dead end, is a dead body. This is Balthazar, if searched he will have papers on his person identifying that it is him. this is Balthazar. The mayor's son is dead. He wears the family ring on his finger.

  • Magic on him

mace +2, plate +1

  • further inspection of the wall shows a marking in the wall. You see the sign that you saw on the dagger. There is also a spot where it looks like you can place a dagger into it.

if players put dagger in, it reveals a secret door

  • the secret door opens up to a hallway with a door at the end.

You open the door, this appears to be a living room. There are 3 doors here. One to the north,south, and east. There is some nice furniture In here. You can see 8 bandits in here. They are playing cards. They turn to you and attack.

  • bandits: lvl 2: hp: 15/ treasure 20gold each

The door to the north is a storage room. The door to the south leads to a hallway with another storage room.

  • the door to the east, this is a very big room with a door at the far end. Next to the door is the dagger imprint and the symbol for clockwise...

There are 2 bandits guarding the door.

  • Bandits: lvl: 2 hp: 15/ treasure: 20gold each

the door is a brick wall, if party places the dagger in it and turns clockwise, every time they open the door will be a new room. Refer to a clock for each door

  • 1:00..... this Is a jail cell. You can see a man chained to the walls. He is still alive.

"Please, help me... Get these chains off me. I want to go see my family." this is a doppelgänger, he looks like a man but isnt really. If the party frees him, then he will attack them as soon as he has a weapon and has the chance to kill them. If they let him go, he will thank them and go with them, waiting for his opportunity to strike.

  • 2:00..... this appears to be an armory.
  • Magic

spear +1, potion of sweetwater, sword +1, cloak of elvenkind, candle of invocation, ring of mammal control: dogs, sword +2, potion of gas, potion of healing x2, scroll pro. Vs. Demons, scroll pro vs. Magic.

  • 3:00..... Bedroom.
  • 4:00..... bedroom
  • 5:00..... bedroom
  • 6:00..... bedroom
  • 7:00..... bedroom
  • 8:00..... Bedroom
  • 9:00..... Bedroom
  • 10:00.... Bedroom
  • 11:00..... treasury.... 2,000gold. Magic: arrows +3 12 shots, battle-ax +1, bow +2
  • 12:00..... this is a very large room. You can see a bedroom, kitchen ad study are all part of the room. This appears to be the main leaders quarters. You see a man sitting at a desk. He stands up and charges, so does his dog.

Wolf:hp: 8 Bandit leader: lvl:4 hp: 24 fights with a dagger. Magic crossbow of speed, potion of healing x3, 200gold. 2 doors in this room. One to the north and one to the south. In the desk is a diamond worth 100gold.

  • door to the south, empty.
  • door to the north, the daughter of the mayor is in here asleep, and bound.

returning to town[edit]

You arrive back in town. You go to the mayor with the sons ring and the daughter. Mayor Valodec: "thank you so much for bringing my daughter back to me. Its a shame that I will never see my son again" he starts hugging his daughter. "thank you again, an here is your reward. Now please leave me and my daughter in peace"

  • you leave.
  • THE END!!!!!

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