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They consider themselves a master race. Locked away in a great library these creatures had nothing but books to read. Once a diverse group of races, generations of breeding have mixed the individuality of the races together, thus creating something new. In the quest for knowledge and many arcane experiments, the Sapiens species has had little time for eating or drinking, much less physical exercise or sleep. Through the years the arcane experiments have augmented their outward appearance, and inner mind. Extremely beautiful, they are considered the fairest of all races. they are also considered one of the smartest and wisest, that being said they are a bit frail compared to other races. nonetheless they are very haughty, they believe they are best and flaunt it. but this isn't to say that they aren't kind. ; displayed elsewhere.




Sapiens are haughty and have a bit of superiority complex but they know the proper etiquette of life and live by it. they love being the center of attention and will help others just for the recognition

Physical Description[edit]

Sapiens are very tall, most reach a height of 7 feet or more. But they are very frail and only grow to be a maximum of 200 pounds most of the time. sapiens are usually of a paler human but but have been known to stray. As they are brimming with arcane energy their eyes are always an unnatural blue. They are usually distinguishable from others in a group because they will always be the best looking. and their blue eyes are usually a dead giveaway of what you're staring at.


although haughty, Sapiens are extremely charismatic and get along with just about every race.


"an unrefined Sapius is indeed no Sapius at all" -The Semper Sapius: the fifth reign. Sapius are never evil and almost never chaotic. they tend to stray towards neutral and the lawful side of things. they've been known to stray to being a good alignment from time to time though.


Sapiens usually live in an area that has a renowned source of knowledge, or their home, The Great Library.


Sapiens usually worship gods of knowledge or gods of wisdom.


Automatic: Common, Elite speak + 3 other of any(library experience) Bonus: Any.


All Sapius are given intelligent names, or names with a wise meaning.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +10 Intelligence, +10 wisdom, +10 Charisma, -2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution. Sapius are Incredibly Intelligent, Wise, and Charismatic. But Many years of no physical Exercise has taken a toll to their physical prowess.

  • Humanoid, Sapius have the Physical shape of the humanoids

  • Medium the Sapius gets no size related bonuses

  • Sapiens

    base land speed is

    50 feet Glide 60 feet

  • Arcane Ancestry: Sapius are brimming with arcane energy so and Allied spellcasters(Including them) get a +2 on any rolls made involving magic or will. This extends 300feet in a circle. this ability can be improved by another +1 every 4 levels. At DM's discretion multiple Sapius standing next to each other have effects stack.

  • Darkvision 120feet. : Sapius automatically have Darkvision 120feet

  • Haughty nature : A Sapius must react to any insult in some way that involves revenge

  • The quest for knowledge. : A Sapius must pick up any book they haven't read

  • In the name of knowledge. : Sapius get a +2 on any skills rolls made with Int, Wis, or Cha But take -2 on skill rolls involving Str, Dex, and Con.

  • Superior Endurance : as a result of the training and many experiments of forefathers, Sapius now have no need to sleep, eat, or drink. But they do need to breathe

  • Telepathy : Sapius can speak through telepathy

  • Rarity : Sapius are very rarely seen outside their Library. Therefore they take a -20 on all diguise checks

Vital Statistics[edit]

Sapius are Immortal and if you ever meet one they would be so old they don't even remember. It's a great saddness to them



Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier







× (


) lb.







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) lb.

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