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Saniarmes are a race of strange, almost tauric creatures that are half-bird, half-humanoid. Their feathers range from dark blue to almost-white and they typically stand 6-10 inches high, the upper 3-4 being humanoid. The humanoid part is typically elfin, with pale skin tinted slightly with the colour of the creature’s feathers. The head has pointed ears and large, cat-like eyes which are usually green, as well as a thin line of feathers flattened down across the middle of the crown.


Saniarmes are quick, arrogant and clever, but honourable and brave with it. Duels between Saniarmes are common, but they will never cheat and not usually kill one another. Swords are used, but without their customary poison, and generally the duels are fencing or claw-fighting. Saniarme tribes usually live in fixed, large eyries, but DO migrate just like birds.

Physical Description

The bird part of a Saniarme’s body is almost a complete bird, although it is missing the head and has an elongated neck. This neck goes upwards and joins the humanoid torso about halfway up the stomach, although this can differ between Saniarmes. There are two main sub-species of Saniarme, the Eaglyrie and the Sparrahands, the Sparrahands being the smaller, quicker and more dextrous (standing from 6-10 inches high) and the Eaglyrie the larger and stronger (standing up to 38 inches high).


Saniarmes are quick to anger and slow to make allies, but once have their friendship, they will always be loyal and faithful. They dislike most elves, seeing them as upstarts and rivals, and will occasionally take dislike to a dwarf or half-orc, but they enjoy the company of half-elves and humans in particular, and also halflings and gnomes.


Saniarmes are a strange twist in alignment. They are rarely evil, but they both rely on a rigid system of honour and rank as well as clan ties (lawful traits), but can often leave the eyrie for months at a time (chaotic). They are normally neutral good or true neutral.


Saniarmes have no true lands of their own, instead living in secluded eyries in the lands of others, normally humans or elves.


Saniarmes worship their god of the air, Sani. There is a shrine to him in every eyrie, usually a bird’s nest beneath a shaft of light. This nest is lined with diamonds and other precious stones, and is watched over by a priest Saniarme. Sani takes the form of a bird or a large, golden-feathered Saniarme.


Saniarmes speak the language of birds, their own language (a mix of body language and vocals, making large use of wings and unable to

be spoken by those without wings) and common.


A Saniarme has an Eyrie name and a given name.

Male Names

Tialys, Jeaneau, Devenz, Molanys.

Female Names

Monys, Tilys, Vennsys.

Eyrie Names (Common)

Quickclaw, Deathwing, Swordwing.

Eyrie Names (Saniarme)

Cane(raise left claw)moth, D(raise feathers on head)roth, Ma(flick hand)roth.


Saniarme adventurers are not common, but there are always a few about (out on ‘hunting tests’, ‘tests of honour’ or doing work for their clan). Hunting Tests are a strange form of adulthood ritual, in which the Saniarme, coming of age at about ten years, is sent on three tests. In these tests they must head a killing flock (and so strike the first blow to the prey).
Tests of honour are very different. These are merely another sort of duel, where the challenger must choose a task for both he and his opponent to perform. These are usually hunting tasks, although it can be other things too. Failure to perform the task, or refusing to accept the challenge, are both unacceptable and unthinkable to most Saniarmes, whilst dying in the task is honourable.

Racial Traits


  • +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma.
  • Small: Due to being of small size, the Eaglyrie gains +1 size attack bonus, +1 size AC bonus, and a +4 size bonus on hide checks. However, he/she uses smaller weapons than humans, and his/her carrying capacity is ¾ of a medium sized character’s.
  • Fly: An Eaglyrie’s base fly speed is 30ft (average).


  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution.
  • Small: Due to being of small size, the Sparrahand gains +1 size attack bonus, +2 size AC bonus, and a +6 size bonus on hide checks. However, he/she uses smaller weapons than humans, and his/her carrying capacity is 1/2 of a medium sized character’s.
  • Fly: a Sparrahand’s base fly speed is 60 feet (good).

All Saniarmes

  • +1 Racial Bonus on Listen and Reflex checks. Saniarmes are always on the lookout subconsciously for danger.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Avian (works like speak with animals, but only with birds) and Saniarme. Bonus Languages: Orc, Elven, Sylvan, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf.
  • Favored Class: Fighter. Born to a life in the wild and dangerous with it, the vocation of fighter comes easily to these creatures. A multiclass Saniarme's fighter class does not count when determining whether he takes an XP penalty.

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