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Salt Gnome[edit]

Salt gnomes are especially community-minded gnomes that live in seafaring and coastal communities. They are a hardy, practical folk, though they still frequently have a knack for inventiveness like their rock gnome cousins.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Helpful. On the open ocean, everyone needs to work together to survive. You know the guidance cantrip. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for it.
Seafarer's Weapon Training.. As a salt gnome, you make your living off the sea, whether by fishing, sailing, or buccaneering. Growing up as a fisherman and sailor has given you specialized experience with swashbuckling and fisherman's weapons. You have proficiency with cutlasses, rapier, trident, and net.
Toughness. The hard life of the sea has made you sturdy. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level.

Variant Salt Gnome[edit]

Artificer's Mark. Salt gnomes are occasionally born with a knack for inventiveness and artifice, rather than for practicality. Instead of the Toughness trait, you can cast the find familiar spell once with this trait, requiring no material components, and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for this spell. When you use this feature, your familiar is a construct instead of the normal type.

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