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As a full round action VS. Durring your attack action?[edit]

So, as a fighter I should be able to 1.Move Action 2.Standard Action, same as before if you had replaced standard with a movement, but you have an attack as well.

Or spring attack must be taken as a full round action.

it does not say it must be done as a full round action, it says it is durring an attack action, and that is a standard action.

I am willing to bet it is a Full-Round Action. You must think of it in terms of realistic movements. Remember that a Round is only 6 seconds in time. Yes, it is possible to travel 30 feet within 6 seconds; That is only 5 feet a second which easily can be a brisk jog. When you use Spring Attack, you are traveling at least 5 feet before you strike, and a minimum of 5 feet after you strike. The basic idea, if we apply to a real life situation, would be like briskly walking toward someone, stabbing them in the stomach, and walking away to leave them to die. This can very much happen in 6 seconds, which would make it a Full-Round Action. You would also infer that since you must move-strike-move you can only make a single attack at your highest BAB. Otherwise you would move some distance and spend the next 4 seconds laying on an onslaught before you leave, which in terms of the lapse of time permitted, this can not be allowed. Now, you can question whether or not a 5-foot step can be made to "cover it". Spring Attack requires at least 5 feet of movement before and after, which is just that; Move Action. A 5-foot step can only be used when you do not take a Move Action, thereby voiding out the possibility of rushing some 20 feet to your target, letting on with your full BAB, and taking a 5-foot step to the side.

Spring Attack + Cleave[edit]

Cleave allows you to strike a second opponent if you drop or kill your first one, provided they are within your weapon's reach (Essentially within a 5' - 10' radius of you, depending on your weapon and size).

If you have a Base Land Speed of 30, are you allowed to strike the opponent within your threatened space and, assuming you kill him, use Spring Attack up to a distance of 25' (Less than your base land speed and allowing the last 5' to be used after the next attack) and use Cleave on the next opponent?

A: No, due to the wording in spring attack spring attack can only be activated after a attack action , while cleave states it is a immediate action thus occurring before spring attack.

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