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So if i cast this spell and do the firework ability, if i close my eyes does it effect me or if i am not facing it when casting? How do i use this without effecting myself?

The minimum level a wizard can cast this is level 3. The spell's range is Long, therefore this mage could center the spell on any point within 520' -- well outside the 120' range of the blinding lightshow. Bards have it even better as they don't get 2nd-lvl spells until level 4, meaning they can plop the fireworks down up to 560' from themselves at the minimum level they can cast Pyrotechnics. As for being blinded, should you cast this while you're in the area (perhaps you're in a tight space and willing to take a big risk?)... well, it doesn't say what happens should you close or avert your eyes, however I personally would rule that it flashes so quick and bright that you don't have a chance to look away, and would still blind you with your eyes shut (otherwise this and other blinding effects would be quite weak). Ever close your eye and press a big flashlight directly into your eyelid? Still painfully bright, wouldn't ya say? :) --ScryersEve 22:31, 19 September 2011 (MDT)
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